Amazon CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

Amazon CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Update Date : May 29, 2023
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CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon CLF-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company wants to use AWS storage services that support data lifecycle management to reduce the cost of storing files that are not accessed frequently.Which AWS services meets these requirements? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon FSx 
B. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) 
C. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) 
D. Amazon S3 
E. AWS Snowball 

Question # 2

A social media company allows its public users to upload video content to an Amazon S3 bucket. Some videos are popular and are accessed often. some videos are popular andare accessed often. some videos are accessed infrequently. The company wants to reduce its total storage cost.Which actions will provide the MOST cost savings? (Select TWO.)

A. Run S3 Transfer Acceleration for the S3 bucket. 
B. Ensure that the S3 bucket is in the most cost-effective AWS Region. 
C. Deactivate the default encryption for the S3 bucket. 
D. Use the S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class. 
E. Use AWS DataSync to transfer files to the S3 bucket. 

Question # 3

A user deploys an Amazon RDS DB instance in multiple Availability Zones This strategy involves which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

A. Performance efficiency 
B. Reliability 
C. Cost optimization 
D. Security 

Question # 4

A company recently created its first AWS account.Which AWS services will require the use of a VPC? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon S3 
B. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) 
C. Amazon Cognito 
D. Amazon DynamoDB 
E. Amazon EC2 

Question # 5

A company is increasing the load on its Amazon RDS DB instance by generating reports How can the company reduce the load on the DB instance?

A. Move the DB instance to a second VPC 
B. Create a read replica 
C. Perform frequent snapshots 
D. Use multiple Availability Zones 

Question # 6

A company wants to integrate its online shopping website with social media login credentials Which AWS service can the company use to make this integration?

A. AWS Directory Service 
B. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 
C. Amazon Cognito 
D. AWS Single Sign-On 

Question # 7

Which terms describe the on-demand AWS pricing model? (Select TWO.)

A. Fixed term 
B. Pay-as-you-go 
C. Collocation 
D. Planned 
E. Variable expense 

Question # 8

Which AWS service gives users the ability to develop loosely coupled microservices and improve service-to-service communication?

A. AWS Service Catalog 
B. AWS Direct Connect 
C. Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) 
D. Amazon CloudWatch Logs 

Question # 9

Which of the following are advantages of the AWS Cloud? (Select Two.)

A. AWS manages all the security within the cloud 
B. Expenses never change from month to month 
C. Users can stop spending money on the maintenance of data centers 
D. Users do not need to deploy applications globally 
E. Users can stop guessing about resource capacity 

Question # 10

Which statements represent the cost-effectiveness of the AWS Cloud? (Select TWO.)

A. Users can trade fixed expenses for variable expenses. 
B. Users can deploy all over the world in minutes. 
C. AWS offers increased speed and agility. 
D. AWS is responsible for patching the infrastructure. 
E. Users benefit from economies of scale. 

Question # 11

Which documentation does AWS Artifact provide?

A. Amazon EC2 terms and conditions 
B. AWS ISO certifications 
C. A history of a company's AWS spending 
D. A list of previous-generation Amazon EC2 instance types 

Question # 12

A company sets up its AWS environment and creates eight IAM users for the development team.Which of the following is a best practice for the company to follow to grant permissions to these IAM users?

A. Apply the principle of least privilege. Create one password, and set the password for each user. 
B. Provide the development team members with AWS account root user access. 
C. Apply the principle of least privilege. Attach a separate IAM policy for each individual user. 
D. Apply the principle of least privilege. Grant access to an IAM group, and add the eight users to that group. 

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