Amazon CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

Amazon CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon CLF-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company needs to generate reports that can break down cloud costs by product, by company-defined tags, and by hour. day. and month. Which AWS tool should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. Reserved Instance utilization and coverage reports 
B. Savings Plans utilization reports
 C. AWS Budgets reports
 D. AWS Cost and Usage Reports 

Question # 2

A company wants to deploy a web application on AWS that serves audio and video content. Which AWS service would provide high availability and scalability in this situation? 

A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) 
B. Amazon EC2 
C. AWS Storage Gateway 
D. Amazon S3 

Question # 3

What is a customer responsibility under the AWS shared responsibility model when using AWS Lambda? 

A. Maintenance of the underlying Lambda hardware. 
B. Maintenance of the Lambda networking infrastructure.
 C. The code and libraries that run in the lambda function. 
D. The Lambda server software. 

Question # 4

A company is building AWS architecture to deliver real-time data feeds from an onpremises data center into an application that runs on AWS. The company needs a consistent network connection with minimal latency. What should the company use to connect the application and the data center to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Direct Connect 
B. Public internet 
D. Amazon Connect 

Question # 5

An ecommerce company plans move its data center workload to the AWS Cloud to support highly dynamic usage patterns. Which benefit make the AWS Cloud cost-effective for the migration of this type of workload? (Select TWO.)

A. Reliability 
B. Security
C. Elasticity 
D. Pay-as-you-go resource pricing 
E. High availability 

Question # 6

Which of the following is included within the security pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

A. Identity federation 
B. Data protection 
C. Incident reporting 
D. Disaster recovery 

Question # 7

Which AWS services or features can a company use lo connect the network of its onpremises data center to AWS? (Select TWO.) 

B. AWS Directory Service 
C. AWS Data Pipeline 
D. AWS Direct Connect 
E. AWS CloudHSM 

Question # 8

A company's headquarters is located on a different continent from where the majority of the company's customers live. The company wants an AWS Cloud environment setup that will provide the lowest latency to the customers. Which solution will provide the LOWEST network latency between the AWS resources and the customers?

A. Place the resources in the AWS Region that is closest to the company's headquarters. Move the resources to the Availability Zone that is closest to the customers. 
B. Place all workloads in the AWS Region that is closest to the company's headquarters. 
C. Place all workloads in the AWS Region that is closest to the majority of customers. 
D. Place the resources in AWS edge locations that are closest to the company's headquarters.

Question # 9

What is the MOST secure way to store passwords on AWS?

A. Store passwords in an Amazon S3 bucket.
 B. Store passwords as AWS Cloud Formation parameters. 
C. Store passwords in AWS Storage Gateway. 
D. Store passwords in AWS Secrets Manager. 

Question # 10

A company wants to move petabytes of historical data into the AWS Cloud. The company needs to transfer the data from a remote location that does not have reliable network services. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. AWS Snowball 
B. AWS DataSync
 C. AWS Direct Connect 
D. AWS Site-to-Site VPN

Question # 11

Which AWS service provides a virtual desktop solution?

A. Amazon EC2 
B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk 
C. AWS System Manager 
D. Amazon Workspaces 

Question # 12

Which AWS service or feature can a company use to create a private, secured, and scalable network environment in the AWS Cloud?

A. Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) 
B. Amazon S3 
C. Amazon VPC 
D. Route tables 

Question # 13

A company needs to set up user authentication for a new application. Users must be able to sign in directly with a user name and password, or through a third-party provider. Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS 1AM Identity Center (AWS Single Sign-On) 
B. AWS Signer 
C. Amazon Cognito 
D. AWS Directory Service 

Question # 14

A company wants to run its workload on Amazon EC2 instances for more than 1 year. This workload will run continuously. Which option offers a discounted hourly rate compared to the hourly rate of On-Demand Instances?

A. AWS Graviton processor
B. Dedicated Hosts 
C. EC2 Instance Savings Plans
 D. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Instances 

Question # 15

Which component of the AWS global infrastructure does Amazon CloudFront use to speed up the delivery of content to users across the world?

A. Amazon VPC 
B. Edge location 
C. Local Zone 
D. AWS Outposts connection 

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