CIMA E3 Exam Dumps

CIMA E3 Exam Dumps

E3 Strategic Management

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Update Date : October 02, 2023
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E3 Exam Dumps

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CIMA E3 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Corporate political activity can be seen as a proactive attempt by a company to influencegovernment decision-making. In particular, lobbying represents a direct but often private attemptby businesses to influence a government's decision-making.Which of the following is NOT a legitimate and private form of lobbying?

A. Monitoring
B. Advocacy
C. Application of pressure
D. Undisclosed party financing

Question # 2

Communication is a critical element of the Organizational change process. Communicating thechange vision is a component of Kotter's eight steps to transforming Organizations.Which of the following statements support Kotter's component 'Communicate the changevision'?Select ALL that apply.

A. Ensure the change message and vision are memorable and repeatable.
B. One-way communication is more powerful than two-way communication.
C. Storytelling and symbolic actions are unnecessary.
D. Unaddressed inconsistencies undermine the credibility of strategic communications.
E. Face-to-face communications improve clarity of message.  

Question # 3

QQQ is Country M's largest supermarket with 40% of the market share. In addition it has openedseveral stores around the world in the last 10 years. One of the reasons for QQQ's success isits loyalty card. The loyalty card is used to gather information about the spending patterns of itscustomers. Around two billion pieces of information each week are captured and stored in anenormous data warehouse that can be accessed by QQQ and other selected large retail partners.The information can be used to assess the success of new product launches as well as whichdemographics of customer are making the purchases. The system also allows QQQ to tailor itsspecial offers to particular segments of the market and to predict the buying behaviour of itscustomers, which assists QQQ in procurement planning.Which of the following best describes the activities outlined above for QQQ?

A. Customer relationship management
B. E-business
C. Market segmentation
D. Data mining

Question # 4

Which TWO of the following would be measures included within the 'Department and work centres' level of the Performance Pyramid?

A. Market share percentage
B. Percentage of on-time deliveries
C. Number of product returns per period
D. Customer satisfaction levels
E. Production output per period  

Question # 5

You have applied for a job with a large accountancy practice and have been requested to attendfor an interview. You have also been informed that you will be required to give a ten minutepresentation on Corporate Political Activity (CPA).Which are valid statements with respect to Corporate Political Activity?Select ALL that apply.

A. The CIMA Code of Ethics does not consider it appropriate for a company to offer bribes topoliticians to secure publicly-funded business.
B. CPA can be considered to be part of a company's strategy to generate and sustain profits.
C. When established laws and regulations affect a firm's competitive environment, the companywill not be able to use CPA to try to influence political decision-making.
D. It is acceptable for a company to make an election contribution for a particular candidate andthen to try to influence subsequent parliamentary voting.
E. Companies can establish Coalitions to respond to specific political issues, but these are alwaysformed on a temporary basis.

Question # 6

'Big data' refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools tocapture, store, manage and analyse.Which of the following statements is NOT a valid statement regarding 'big data'?

A. As technology advances over time, the size of datasets that qualify as 'big data' will also increase.
B. The definition of 'big data' can vary by sector, depending on the software tools and datasetsizes common to a particular industry.
C. Sufficient analytical and managerial talent is available to exploit the opportunities associatedwith 'big data'.
D. 'Big data' will require the right infrastructure, incentives and safeguards to address publicconcerns.

Question # 7

Data mining is an important part of an Organization's knowledge discovery process.Effective data mining provides insight and can help unlock previously hidden opportunities.Which of the following are disadvantages of Data Mining?Select ALL that apply.

A. Privacy issues
B. Security issues
C. Ethical issues
D. Financial crime issues
E. Manufacturing issues

Question # 8

Kanter identified seven 'power skills' that change agents need to overcome apathy or resistance to change. Which of the following are power skills?Select ALL that apply.

A. Ability to work independently.
B. Ability to collaborate effectively.
C. Ability to develop relationships based on trust.
D. Ability to keep within a budget.
E. Ability to work ethically and sustainably.
F. Ability to keep projects to a strict time-line.

Question # 9

CIMA has conducted research into the implications of sustainability for business. CIMA's report contained a number of key conclusions. Which of the following statements was NOT a conclusion in CIMA's report?

A. Strong ethical principles can add great value to a brand.
B. Reporting on sustainability needs to provide hard evidence of the positive impact on society.
C. Management Accountants have a responsibility to promote an ethics-based culture.
D. The ethical tone within a business must come from the bottom.

Question # 10

Lynch developed the performance pyramid to define the links between objectives and performance measures. Which THREE of the following statements apply to the performance pyramid?

A. The performance pyramid is designed to ensure that all activities support the Organization'svision.
B. The left-hand side of the pyramid contains measures which have an external focus.
C. The lowest level of the pyramid contains the day-to-day operational measures.
D. The business operating systems level includes the market-related Critical Success Factors.
E. The business unit level includes measures which relate to internal systems needed to meetcustomers' needs.
F. The right-hand side of the pyramid contains measures which are predominantly non-financial.

Question # 11

DD is a medium size company and has decided to appoint a data mining company to collateinformation from a wide variety of sources and analyse the data into more meaningfulinformation.The Board of DD believes that by using a data mining company to undertake this work, it willadd value to its business and help it to remain competitive.Which of the following statements does NOT apply to data mining?

A. Data mining involves looking for new patterns and relationships in the underlying data.
B. Data mining can guide decision-making and predict future behaviour.
C. Data mining uses statistical analysis tools and other intelligent techniques.
D. The goal of data mining is the extraction of data.

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