Amazon DOP-C02 Exam Dumps

Amazon DOP-C02 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

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Update Date : February 12, 2024
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DOP-C02 Exam Dumps

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Amazon DOP-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A DevOps engineer is working on a data archival project that requires the migration of onpremisesdata to an Amazon S3 bucket. The DevOps engineer develops a script thatincrementally archives on-premises data that is older than 1 month to Amazon S3. Datathat is transferred to Amazon S3 is deleted from the on-premises location The script usesthe S3 PutObject operation.During a code review the DevOps engineer notices that the script does not verity whetherthe data was successfully copied to Amazon S3. The DevOps engineer must update thescript to ensure that data is not corrupted during transmission. The script must use MD5checksums to verify data integrity before the on-premises data is deleted.Which solutions for the script will meet these requirements'? (Select TWO.)

A. Check the returned response for the Versioned Compare the returned Versioned againstthe MD5 checksum.
B. Include the MD5 checksum within the Content-MD5 parameter. Check the operationcall's return status to find out if an error was returned.
C. Include the checksum digest within the tagging parameter as a URL query parameter.
D. Check the returned response for the ETag. Compare the returned ETag against theMD5 checksum.
E. Include the checksum digest within the Metadata parameter as a name-value pair Afterupload use the S3 HeadObject operation to retrieve metadata from the object.

Question # 2

A company deploys its corporate infrastructure on AWS across multiple AWS Regions andAvailability Zones. The infrastructure is deployed on Amazon EC2 instances and connectswith AWS loT Greengrass devices. The company deploys additional resources on onpremisesservers that are located in the corporate headquarters. The company wants to reduce the overhead involved in maintaining and updating itsresources. The company's DevOps team plans to use AWS Systems Manager toimplement automated management and application of patches. The DevOps team confirmsthat Systems Manager is available in the Regions that the resources are deployed mSystems Manager also is available in a Region near the corporate headquarters.Which combination of steps must the DevOps team take to implement automated patchand configuration management across the company's EC2 instances loT devices and onpremisesinfrastructure? (Select THREE.)

A. Apply tags lo all the EC2 instances. AWS loT Greengrass devices, and on-premisesservers. Use Systems Manager Session Manager to push patches to all the taggeddevices.
B. Use Systems Manager Run Command to schedule patching for the EC2 instances AWSloT Greengrass devices and on-premises servers.
C. Use Systems Manager Patch Manager to schedule patching loT the EC2 instancesAWS loT Greengrass devices and on-premises servers as a Systems Managermaintenance window task.
D. Configure Amazon EventBridge to monitor Systems Manager Patch Manager forupdates to patch baselines. Associate Systems Manager Run Command with the event loinitiate a patch action for all EC2 instances AWS loT Greengrass devices and on-premisesservers.
E. Create an IAM instance profile for Systems Manager Attach the instance profile to all theEC2 instances in the AWS account. For the AWS loT Greengrass devices and on-premisesservers create an IAM service role for Systems Manager.
F. Generate a managed-instance activation Use the Activation Code and Activation ID toinstall Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) on each server in the on-premisesenvironment Update the AWS loT Greengrass IAM token exchange role Use the role todeploy SSM Agent on all the loT devices.

Question # 3

A highly regulated company has a policy that DevOps engineers should not log in to theirAmazon EC2 instances except in emergencies. It a DevOps engineer does log in thesecurity team must be notified within 15 minutes of the occurrence.Which solution will meet these requirements'?

A. Install the Amazon Inspector agent on each EC2 instance Subscribe to AmazonEventBridge notifications Invoke an AWS Lambda function to check if a message is aboutuser logins If it is send a notification to the security team using Amazon SNS.
B. Install the Amazon CloudWatch agent on each EC2 instance Configure the agent topush all logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs and set up a CloudWatch metric filter thatsearches for user logins. If a login is found send a notification to the security team usingAmazon SNS.
C. Set up AWS CloudTrail with Amazon CloudWatch Logs. Subscribe CloudWatch Logs toAmazon Kinesis Attach AWS Lambda to Kinesis to parse and determine if a log contains auser login If it does, send a notification to the security team using Amazon SNS.
D. Set up a script on each Amazon EC2 instance to push all logs to Amazon S3 Set up anS3 event to invoke an AWS Lambda function which invokes an Amazon Athena query torun. The Athena query checks tor logins and sends the output to the security team usingAmazon SNS.

Question # 4

A DevOps team is merging code revisions for an application that uses an Amazon RDSMulti-AZ DB cluster for its production database. The DevOps team uses continuousintegration to periodically verify that the application works. The DevOps team needs to testthe changes before the changes are deployed to the production database.Which solution will meet these requirements'?

A. Use a buildspec file in AWS CodeBuild to restore the DB cluster from a snapshot of theproduction database run integration tests, and drop the restored database after verification.
B. Deploy the application to production. Configure an audit log of data control language(DCL) operations to capture database activities to perform if verification fails.
C. Create a snapshot of the DB duster before deploying the application Use the Updaterequires Replacement property on the DB instance in AWS CloudFormation to deploy theapplication and apply the changes.
D. Ensure that the DB cluster is a Multi-AZ deployment. Deploy the application with theupdates. Fail over to the standby instance if verification fails.

Question # 5

A company has 20 service learns Each service team is responsible for its ownmicroservice. Each service team uses a separate AWS account for its microservice and aVPC with the 192 168 0 0/22 CIDR block. The company manages the AWS accounts withAWS Organizations.Each service team hosts its microservice on multiple Amazon EC2 instances behind anApplication Load Balancer. The microservices communicate with each other across thepublic internet. The company's security team has issued a new guideline that allcommunication between microservices must use HTTPS over private network connectionsand cannot traverse the public internet.A DevOps engineer must implement a solution that fulfills these obligations and minimizesthe number of changes for each service teamWhich solution will meet these requirements?

A. Create a new AWS account in AWS Organizations Create a VPC in this account anduse AWS Resource Access Manager to share the private subnets of this VPC with theorganization Instruct the service teams to launch a new. Network Load Balancer (NLB) andEC2 instances that use the shared private subnets Use the NLB DNS names forcommunication between microservices.
B. Create a Network Load Balancer (NLB) in each of the microservice VPCs Use AWSPrivateLink to create VPC endpoints in each AWS account for the NLBs Createsubscriptions to each VPC endpoint in each of the other AWS accounts Use the VPCendpoint DNS names for communication between microservices.
C. Create a Network Load Balancer (NLB) in each of the microservice VPCs Create VPCpeering connections between each of the microservice VPCs Update the route tables foreach VPC to use the peering links Use the NLB DNS names for communication betweenmicroservices.
D. Create a new AWS account in AWS Organizations Create a transit gateway in thisaccount and use AWS Resource Access Manager to share the transit gateway with theorganization. In each of the microservice VPCs. create a transit gateway attachment to theshared transit gateway Update the route tables of each VPC to use the transit gatewayCreate a Network Load Balancer (NLB) in each of the microservice VPCs Use the NLBDNS names for communication between microservices.

Question # 6

A company updated the AWS Cloud Formation template for a critical business application.The stack update process failed due to an error in the updated template and AWSCloudFormation automatically began the stack rollback process Later a DevOps engineerdiscovered that the application was still unavailable and that the stack was in theUPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED state.Which combination of actions should the DevOps engineer perform so that the stackrollback can complete successfully? (Select TWO.)

A. Attach the AWSC loud Formation FullAccess IAM policy to the AWS CtoudFormatio role.
B. Automatically recover the stack resources by using AWS CloudFormation drift detection.
C. Issue a ContinueUpdateRollback command from the AWS CloudFormation console orthe AWS CLI.
D. Manually adjust the resources to match the expectations of the stack.
E. Update the existing AWS CloudFormation stack by using the original template.

Question # 7

A DevOps engineer is architecting a continuous development strategy for a company'ssoftware as a service (SaaS) web application running on AWS. For application and securityreasons users subscribing to this application are distributed across multiple. Application Load Balancers (ALBs) each of which has a dedicated Auto Scaling group and fleet ofAmazon EC2 instances The application does not require a build stage and when it iscommitted to AWS CodeCommit, the application must trigger a simultaneous deploymentto all ALBs Auto Scaling groups and EC2 fleets.Which architecture will meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of configuration

A. Create a single AWS CodePipeline pipeline that deploys the application in parallel usingunique AWS CodeDeploy applications and deployment groups created for each ALB-AutoScaling group pair.
B. Create a single AWS CodePipeline pipeline that deploys the application using a singleAWS CodeDeploy application and single deployment group.
C. Create a single AWS CodePipeline pipeline that deploys the application in parallel usinga single AWS CodeDeploy application and unique deployment group for each ALB-AutoScaling group pair.
D. Create an AWS CodePipeline pipeline for each ALB-Auto Scaling group pair thatdeploys the application using an AWS CodeDeploy application and deployment groupcreated for the same ALB-Auto Scaling group pair.

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