Amazon PAS-C01 Exam Dumps

Amazon PAS-C01 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty

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Update Date : February 22, 2024
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PAS-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon PAS-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is running SAP on anyDB at a remote location that has slow and inconsistent internet connectivity. The company wants to migrate its system to AWS and wants to convert its database to SAP HANA during this process Because of the inconsistent internet connection the company has not established connectivity between the remote location and the company's VPC in the AWS Cloud.   How should the company perform this migration?   

A. Migrate by using SAP HANA system replication over the internet connection Specify a public IP address on the target system   
B. Migrate by using SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) Database Migration Option (DMO) with System Move Use an AWS Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device to transfer me SAP export files to AWS   
C. Migrate by using SAP HANA system replication with initialization through backup and restore Use an AWS Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device to transfer the SAP export files to AWS   
D. Migrate by using SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) Database Migration Option (DMO) with System Move Use Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EPS) to transfer the SAP export files to AWS  

Question # 2

A company hosts an SAP HANA database on an Amazon EC2 instance in the us-easi-1 Region. The company needs to implement a disaster recovery (DR) site in the us-west-1 Region. The company needs a cost-optimized solution that offers a guaranteed capacity reservation an RPO of less than 30 minutes and an RTO of less than 30 minutes.   When solution will meet these requirements?   

A. Deploy a single EC2 instance to support the secondary database in us-west with additional storage Use this secondary database instance to support QA and production Configure the primary SAP HANA database in us-east-1 to constantly replicate the data to the secondary SAP HANA database in us-west-t by using SAP HANA system replication with preload off During DR shut down the QA SAP HANA instance and restart the production services at the secondary site   
B. Deploy a secondary staging server on an EC2 instance in us-west-1 Use CloudEndure Disaster Recovery to replicate changes at the database level from us-east-1 to the secondary staging server on an ongoing basis During DR, initiate cutover increase the size of the secondary EC2 instance to match the primary EC2 instance and start the secondary EC2 instance  
C. Set up the primary SAP HANA database in us-east-1 to constantly replicate the data to a secondary SAP HANA database in us-west-1 by using SAP HANA system replication with preload on Keep the secondary SAP HANA instance as a hot standby that rs ready to take over in case of failure   
D. Create an SAP HANA database AMI by using Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots Replicate the database and log backup files from a primary Amazon S3 bucket in us-east-1 to a secondary S3 bucket m us-west-1 During DR launch the EC2 instance in us-west-1 based on AMIs that are replicated Update host information Download database and log backups from the secondary S3 bucket Perform a point-in-time recovery  

Question # 3

A company is planning to migrate its SAP workloads to AWS. The company will use two VPCs One VPC will be for production systems and one VPC will be for non-production systems. The company will host the non-production systems and the primary node of all the production systems in the same Availability Zone.   What is the MOST cost-effective way to establish a connection between me production systems and the non-production systems?  

 A. Create an AWS Transit Gateway Attach the VPCs to the transit gateway Add the appropriate routes m the subnet route tables   
B. Establish a VPC peering connection between the two VPCs Add the appropriate routes in the subnet route tables   
C. Create an internet gateway in each VPC Use an AWS Site-to-Site VPN connection between the two VPCs Add the appropriate routes in the subnet route tables  
 D. Set up an AWS Direct Connect connection between the two VPCs Add the appropriate routes in the subnet route tables