Amazon SOA-C01 Exam Dumps

Amazon SOA-C01 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

Total Questions : 263
Update Date : June 20, 2024
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SOA-C01 Exam Dumps

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Amazon SOA-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A security officer has requested Ifial internet access be removed from subnets in a VPC. The subnets currently route internet-bound traffic to a NAT gateway. A SysOps administrator needs to remove this access while allowing access to Amazon S3. Which solution will meet these requirements?

A. Set up an internet gateway. Update the route table on the subnets to use the internet gateway to route traffic to Amazon S3 
B. Set up an S3 VPC gateway endpoint. Update the route table on the subnets to use the gateway endpoint to route traffic to Amazon S3. 
C. Set up additional NAT gateways in each Availability Zone. Update the route table on the subnets to use the NAT gateways to route traffic to Amazon S3.  
D. Set up an egress-only internet gateway. Update the route table on the subnets to use the egress-only internet gateway to route traffic to Amazon S3. 

Question # 2

A SysOps administrator set up an Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached cluster for an application During testing, the application expenences increased latency. Amazon CloudWatch metrics (or the Memcached cluster show CPUUtilization is consistently above 95% and FreeableMemory is consistently under 1 MB. Which aclion will solve the problem?

A. Configure ElastiCache automatic scaling for the Memcached cluster. Set the CPUUtilization metric as a scaling trigger above 75% and FreeableMemory below 10 MB.
B. Configure ElastiCache read replicas for each Memcached node in different AvailabilityZones to distribute the workload.
C. Deploy an Application Load Balancer to distribute the workload to Memcached clusternodes.
D. Replace the Memcached cluster and select a node type that has a higher CPU andmemory.

Question # 3

A company is managing a website with a global user base hosted on Amazon EC2 with an Application Load Balancer (ALB). To reduce the load on the web servers, a SysOps administrator configures an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the ALB as the origin After a week of monitoring the solution, the administrator notices that requests are still being served by the ALB and there is no change in the web server load. What are possible causes tor this problem? (Select TWO.)

A. CloudFront does not have the ALB configured as the origin access identity.
B. The DNS is still pointing to the ALB instead of the CloudFront distribution.
C. The ALB security group is not permitting inbound traffic from CloudFront.
D. The default, minimum, and maximum Time to Live (TTL) are set to 0 seconds on theCloudFront distribution.
E. The target groups associated with the ALB are configured for sticky sessions.

Question # 4

A security audit revealed that the security groups in a VPC have ports 22 and 3389 open to all. introducing a possible threat that instances can be stopped or configurations can be modified. A SysOps administrator needs to automate remediation. What should the administrator do to meet these requirements?

A. Create an 1AM managed policy lo deny access to ports 22 and 3389 on any securitygroups in a VPC.
B. Define an AWS Config rule and remediation action with AWS Systems Managerautomation documents.
C. Enable AWS Trusted Advisor to remediate public port access.
D. Use AWS Systems Manager configuration compliance to remediate public port access.

Question # 5

A company is planning to deploy multiple ecommerce websites across the eu-west-1, apeast-1, and us-west-1 Regions. The websites consist of Amazon S3 buckets Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon RDS databases and Elastic Load Balancers. Which method will accomplish the deployment with the LEAST amount of effort? 

A. Configure deployment automation using AWS OpsWorks
B. Configure S3 cross-Region replication
C. Use AWS CloudFormation stack sets to deploy the application
D. Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the application

Question # 6

An application is running on Amazon EC2 Instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). An operations team wants to be notified in near-teal time when the ALB has issues connecting to backend EC2 instances. Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of effort? 

A. Configure the ALB to send logs to Amazon S3. Write an AWS Lambda function toprocess the log files and send an email message to the operations team when the numberof requests exceeds the threshold.
B. Create an Amazon CloudWatch rule to monitor the HealthyHostCount metric and sendAmazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) messages to the operations teamwhen HealthyHostCount is equal to zero.
C. Create an Amazon CloudWatch rule lo monitor the TargetConnectionErrorCount metricand send Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) messages to the operationsteam when TargetConnectionErrorCount is greater than 1.
D. Create an Amazon CloudWatch rule to monitor the HTTPCode_Target_5XX_Countmetric and send Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) messages to theoperations team when HTTPCode_Target_5XX_Count is greater than zero.

Question # 7

A company has multiple AWS accounts. The company uses AWS Organizations with an organizational unit (OU) tor the production account and another OU for the development account. Corporate policies state that developers may use only approved AWS services in the production account. What is the MOST operationally efficient solution to control the production account? 

A. Create a customer managed policy in AWS Identity and Access Management (1AM)Apply the policy to all users within the production account.
B. Create a job function policy in AWS Identity and Access Management (1AM). Apply thepolicy to all users within the production OU.
C. Create a service control policy (SCP). Apply the SCP to the production OU.
D. Create an IAM policy. Apply the policy in Amazon API Gateway to restrict the productionaccount.

Question # 8

A company wants to create a new Network Load Balancer (NLB) (or an existing interface VPC endpoint. A SysOps administrator tries to remove the existing NLB but sees the error "existing VPC Endpoint connections and cannot be removed." Which solution will resolve this issue? 

A. Create a new interface endpoint. Move the existing NLB to the new interface endpoint. Replace the NLB from the old endpoint with a new NLB. 
B. Create a new NLB. Disassociate the NLB used by the interface endpoint service. Associate the new NLB with the interface endpoint service
C. Disassociate the NLB used by the interface endpoint service. Create a new NLB and associate it with the Interface endpoint. 
D. Reject the interface endpoint connection. Disassociate the NLB. Create a new NLB and associate it with the interface endpoint. 

Question # 9

A SysOps administrator notices a scale-out event for an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group Amazon CloudWatch shows a spike in the RequestCount metric tor the associated Application Load Balancer The administrator would like to know the IP addresses for the source of the requests Where can the administrator find this information?

A. Auto Scaling logs
B. AWS CloudTrail logs
C. EC2 instance logs
D. Elastic Load Balancer access logs

Question # 10

A SysOps administrator needs to register targets for a Network Load Balancer (NL8) using IP addresses Which prerequisite should the SysOps administrator validate to perform this task?

A. Ensure the NLB listener security policy is set to ELBSecuntyPohcy-TLS-1-2-Ext-2018-06, ELBSecuntyPolicy-FS-1-2-Res-2019-08 or ELBSecuntyPolicy-TLS-1-0-2015-04
B. Ensure the heath check setting on the NLB for the Matcher configuration is between 200and 399
C. Ensure the targets are within any of these CIDR blocks: (RFC I918)r100.64.0.0/10 (RFC 6598): (RFC 1918), or (RFC 1918).
D. Ensure the NLB is exposed as an endpoint service before registering the targets usingIP addresses

Question # 11

A company's application running on Amazon EC2 Linux recently crashed because it ran out ot available memory. Management wants to be alerted if this ever happens again. Which combination of steps will accomplish this? (Select TWO.)

A. Create an Amazon CloudWatch dashboard to monitor the memory usage metrics on theInstance over time.
B. Create an alarm on the dashboard that publishes an Amazon SNS notification to alertthe CIO when a threshold is passed.
C. Create an alarm on the metric that publishes an Amazon SNS notification to alert theCIO when a threshold is passed.
D. Create an alarm on the AWS Personal Health Dashboard that publishes an AmazonSNS notification to alert the CIO when the system is out of memory.
E. Configure the Amazon CloudWatch agent to collect and push memory usage metrics onthe instance.

Question # 12

A sysops administrator has an AWS Lambda function that performs maintenance on various AWS resources. This function must be run nightly. Which is the MOST costeffective solution?

A. Launch a single t2.nano Amazon EC2 instance and create a Linux cron job to invoke theLambda function at the same time every night.
B. Set up an Amazon CloudWatch metrics alarm to invoke the Lambda function at thesame time every night.
C. Schedule a CloudWatch event to invoke the Lambda function at the same time everynight.
D. Implement a Chef recipe in AWS OpsWorks stack to invoke the Lambda function at thesame time every night.

Question # 13

A SysOps administrator is implementing automated I/O load performance testing as part of lite continuous integraliorVcontinuous delivery (CI'CD) process for an application The application uses an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon E8S) Provisioned IOPS volume for each instance that is restored from a snapshot and requires consistent I/O performance. During the initial tests, the I/O performance results are sporadic. The SysOps administrator must ensure that the tests yield more consistent results. Which actions could the SysOps administrator take to accomplish this goal? (Select TWO.)

A. Restore the EBS volume from the snapshot with fast snapshot restore enabled
B. Restore the EBS volume from the snapshot using the cold HDD volume type.
C. Restore the EBS volume from the snapshot and pre-warm the volume by reading all ofthe blocks.
D. Restore the EBS volume from the snapshot and configure encryption.
E. Restore the EBS volume from the snapshot and configure I/O block sizes at random

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