Cisco 300-710 Exam Dumps

Cisco 300-710 Exam Dumps

Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower (300-710 SNCF)

Total Questions : 260
Update Date : February 12, 2024
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300-710 Exam Dumps

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Cisco 300-710 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer defines a new rule while configuring an Access Control Policy. After deploying the policy, the rule is not working as expected and the hit counters associated with the rule are showing zero. What is causing this error?

A. Logging is not enabled for the rule. 
B. The rule was not enabled after being created. 
C. The wrong source interface for Snort was selected in the rule. 
D. An incorrect application signature was used in the rule. 

Question # 2

A security engineer must integrate an external feed containing STIX/TAXII data with Cisco FMC. Which feature must be enabled on the Cisco FMC to support this connection? 

A. Cisco Success Network 
B. Cisco Secure Endpoint Integration
C. Threat Intelligence Director 
D. Security Intelligence Feeds 

Question # 3

An organization is implementing Cisco FTD using transparent mode in the network. Which rule in the default Access Control Policy ensures that this deployment does not create a loop in the network?

A. ARP inspection is enabled by default. 
B. Multicast and broadcast packets are denied by default.
 C. STP BPDU packets are allowed by default. 
D. ARP packets are allowed by default. 

Question # 4

An analyst is reviewing the Cisco FMC reports for the week. They notice that some peer-topeer applications are being used on the network and they must identify which poses the greatest risk to the environment. Which report gives the analyst this information?

A. Attacks Risk Report 
B. User Risk Report 
C. Network Risk Report 
D. Advanced Malware Risk Report 

Question # 5

When using Cisco Threat Response, which phase of the Intelligence Cycle publishes the results of the investigation?

A. direction 
B. dissemination 
C. processing 
D. analysis

Question # 6

A network administrator is troubleshooting access to a website hosted behind a Cisco FTD device External clients cannot access the web server via HTTPS The IP address configured on the web server is 192 168 7.46 The administrator is running the command capture CAP interface outside match ip any but cannot see any traffic in the capture Why is this occurring? 

A. The capture must use the public IP address of the web server. 
B. The FTD has no route to the web server. 
C. The access policy is blocking the traffic.
 D. The packet capture shows only blocked traffic 

Question # 7

Remote users who connect via Cisco AnyConnect to the corporate network behind a Cisco FTD device report that they get no audio when calling between remote users using their softphones. These same users can call internal users on the corporate network without any issues. What is the cause of this issue?

A. The hairpinning feature is not available on FTD.
 B. Split tunneling is enabled for the Remote Access VPN on FTD 
C. FTD has no NAT policy that allows outside to outside communication 
D. The Enable Spoke to Spoke Connectivity through Hub option is not selected on FTD. 

Question # 8

A security engineer is configuring an Access Control Policy for multiple branch locations. These locations share a common rule set and utilize a network object called INSIDE_NET which contains the locally significant internal network subnets at each location. Which technique will retain the policy consistency at each location but allow only the locally significant network subnet within the applicable rules? 

A. utilizing a dynamic Access Control Policy that updates from Cisco Talos 
B. utilizing policy inheritance 
C. creating a unique Access Control Policy per device 
D. creating an Access Control Policy with an INSIDE_NET network object and object overrides 

Question # 9

An engineer is troubleshooting application failures through a FTD deployment. While using the FMC CLI. it has been determined that the traffic in question is not matching the desired policy. What should be done to correct this? 

A. Use the system support firewall-engine-debug command to determine which rules the traffic matching and modify the rule accordingly 
B. Use the system support application-identification-debug command to determine which rules the traffic matching and modify the rule accordingly 
C. Use the system support firewall-engine-dump-user-f density-data command to change the policy and allow the application through the firewall. 
D. Use the system support network-options command to fine tune the policy. 

Question # 10

There is an increased amount of traffic on the network and for compliance reasons, management needs visibility into the encrypted traffic What is a result of enabling TLS'SSL decryption to allow this visibility? 

A. It prompts the need for a corporate managed certificate 
B. It has minimal performance impact 
C. It is not subject to any Privacy regulations 
D. It will fail if certificate pinning is not enforced