Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR)

Total Questions : 370
Update Date : February 22, 2024
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350-501 Exam Dumps

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Cisco 350-501 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statement about TLS is accurate when using RESTCONF to write configurations on network devices'? 

A. It requires certificates for authentication.   
B. It is provided using NGINX acting as a proxy web server   
C. It is used for HTTP and HTTPS requests.   
D. It is not supported on Cisco devices   

Question # 2

What is the role of NFVI? 

A. domain name service
B. intrusion detection
C. monitor
D. network address translation

Question # 3

How does Cisco MPLS TE use OSPF extensions to allow for optimized transit between a headend router and a destination router? 

A. Router LSAs share router link advertisements to each router within the MPLS environment so that tunnels can be built bidirectionally.  
B. ASBR Summary LSAs share OSPF domain information so that the two routers know how to reach each other during tunnel setup.   
C. Network LSAs share RSVP information to build the tunnel between the two routers.   
D. Opaque LSAs calculate and establish unidirectional tunnels that are set according to the network constraint.  

Question # 4

What are two features of 6RD IPv6 transition mechanism? (Choose two.) 

A. It inserts IPv4 bits into an IPv6 delegated prefix.   
B. It uses a native IPv6-routed network between CE routers and the BR router.   
C. It allows dynamic 1:N translation of IPv6 address.   
D. It uses stateful automatic 6to4 tunnels between CE routers and the BR router.   
E. It uses stateless automatic 6to4 tunnels between CE routers and the BR router.   

Question # 5

Which OS uses a distributed subsystem architecture?

D. CatOS

Question # 6

How does an untrusted interface at the boundary of an administrative domain handle incoming packets? 

A. It remarks all values to a CoS of 0.
B. It forwards only traffic with a DSCP value of 48.   
C. It translates the IP precedence value to the corresponding DSCP value.   
D. It drops all traffic ingressing the network.   

Question # 7

An engineer Is implementing NSR with OSPF on a large campus that requires high availability. Which task must an engineer perform to complete the process with minimal disruption to traffic?

A. Reset OSPF neighbor sessions to maintain state Information during router switchover   
B. Configure the device to repopulate state information using routing updates received from the BDR   
C. increase the keepalive interval on the OSPF neighbors so that traffic continues to pass during the switchover  
D. Ensure that the dual RP has synchronized their state information before performing the switchover operation  

Question # 8

An ISP Is Implementing end-to-end fault monitoring for a customer based on the IEEE 802.3ah standard. The solution must detect when 15 or more corrupted Ethernet packets arrive within 10 ms and stop propagating traffic through the ISP backbone network or to the customer side. Which configuration must the ISP engineer apply?

A. ethernet oam link-monitoring enableethernet oam link-monitor crc-errors ingress time-window 10ethernet oam link-monitor crc-errors ingress threshold high 15 ethernet oam link-monitor crc-errorsegress time-window 10 ethernet oam link-monitor crc-errors egress threshold high 15 ethernet oamlink-monitor high-threshold action shutdown-interface
B. ethernet oam link-monitoringethernet oam link-monitor receive-crc window 15ethernet oam link-monitor receive-crc threshold high 10ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action disable-interface
C. ethernet oamethernet oam link-monitor receive-crc window 10ethernet oam link-monitor receive-crc threshold high 15ethernet oam link-monitor transmit-crc window 10ethernet oam link-monitor transmit-crc threshold high 15ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action errordisable-interface
D. ethernet oam link-monitoring global enableethernet oam link-monitor receive crc-errors period 15ethernet oam link-monitor receive crc-errors limit 15ethernet oam link-monitor transmit crc-errors period 10ethernet oam link-monitor transmit crc-errors limit 15ethernet oam link-monitor limit action error-disable interface

Question # 9

The network team is planning to implement IPv6 on the company’s existing IPv4 network infrastructure. The network currently uses IS-IS to share routes between peers. Which task must the team perform so that IS-IS will run in multitopology mode on the updated IPv6 network?

A. Configure the links between the network routers as point-to-point.   
B. Configure the network routers to use metric-style wide.    
C. Configure the network routers as Level 2 routers.    
D. Configure the IS-IS IPv6 metric on the dual-stack links.   

Question # 10

A network engineer is testing an automation platform that interacts with Cisco networking devices via NETCONF over SSH. In accordance with internal security requirements:NETCONF sessions are permitted only from trusted sources in the subnet.CLI SSH access is permitted from any source.Which configuration must the engineer apply on R1?

A. configure terminalhostname R1ip domain-name mydomain.comcrypto key generate rsaip ssh version 1access-list 1 permit ssh acl 1line vty 0 4transport input sshend
B. configure terminalhostname R1ip domain-name mydomain.comcrypto key generate rsaip ssh version 2access-list 1 permit 1 permit anynetconf sshline vty 0 4access-class 1 intransport input sshend
C. configure terminalhostname R1ip domain-name mydomain.comcrypto key generate rsaip ssh version 1access-list 1 permit 2 permit anynetconf sshline vty 0 4access-class 2 intransport input sshend
D. configure terminalhostname R1ip domain-name mydomain.comcrypto key generate rsaip ssh version 2access-list 1 permit ssh acl 1line vty 0 4transport input sshend

Question # 11

A network administrator must monitor network usage to provide optimal performance to the network end users when the network is under heavy load. The administrator asked the engineer to install a new server to receive SNMP traps at destination Which configuration must the engineer apply so that all traps are sent to the new server?

A. snmp-server enable traps entitysnmp-server host public
B. snmp-server enable traps bgpsnmp-server host public
C. snmp-server enable traps isdnsnmp-server host public
D. snmp-server enable trapssnmp-server host public

Question # 12

A service provider requires continuous real-time network monitoring to provide reliable SLAs to its customers. To satisfy this requirement, a network administrator is implementing gRPC dial out on an ASR with TLS. Receiver will be assigned one of the subscriptions, and it will manage the ASR. Which configuration must the engineer apply to the router as part of the configuration process?

A. snmp-server community public snmp-server enable traps snmp-server host version 2c public.
B. telemetry model-driven destination-group DGroup1 address family ipv4 1 port 10 encoding self-describing-gpb   
C. snmp-server community public snmp-server enable traps snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication snmp-server manager snmp-server manager session-timeout 1000   
D. telemetry model-driven destination-group ciscotest address family ipv4 port 10 encoding self-describing-gpb protocol grpc tis-hostname ciscotest.com  

Question # 13

What is a feature of model-driven telemetry? 

A. It occasionally streams to multiple servers in the network.   
B. It is less secure because it uses community strings.   
C. It uses the pull model to send requested data to a client when polled.   
D. It uses the push model to stream data to desired destinations.   

Question # 14

Which Cisco software OS uses monolithic architecture? 

A. NX-OS   
C. IOS XR   
D. IOS  

Question # 15

Which two routing protocols support Cisco MPLS TE tunnels? (Choose two.)


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