Cisco 350-601 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-601 Exam Dumps

Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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350-601 Exam Dumps

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Cisco 350-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A bridge domain is being extended out of a Cisco ACI fabric. Between which of these components are policies used to identify the connectivity between Endpoint Groups and the external connection? 

A. an external bridge domain and an external routed domain  
B. internal contracts and external contracts  
C. internal EPGs and external EPGs  
D. L2Out and L3Out  

Question # 2

What is a characteristic of EPLD updates on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches?

A. EPLD updates are installed only via the Cisco DCNM GUI
B. EPLD packages update hardware functionality on a device
C. EPLD bundles are released separately from a Cisco MDS NX-OS release 
D. EPLD updates are nondisruptive to traffic flow 

Question # 3

An engineer is implementing the Cisco ACI fabric and wants to reduce the amount of TCAM resources consumed by the fabric The engineer also needs to ensure that all EPGs m a VRF consume the same services Which action should be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Configure a single contract provided and consumed in all EPGs  
B. Configure preferred groups in the VRF for al EPGs  
C. Implement an unenforced VRF  
D. Implement vzAny feature  

Question # 4

What is a benefit of Cisco HyperFlex All-Flash Stretched cluster deployment as compared to All-HDD Stretched cluster deployment? 

A. lower cost  
B. lower number of IOPS  
C. higher cost  
D. higher number of IOPS  

Question # 5

A network engineer configures a converged network adapter (CNA) and must associate a virtual fiber Channel 7 interface to VSAN 7. The CAN connected to the interface Eth1/7, and VLAN 700 is mapped to the VSNA. Which configuration must be applied to create the virtual Fiber Channel interface and associate it with the Ethernet physical interface? 

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 6

An engineer must suggest a deployment model for a newly developed application. The engineer has a small starting budget and lacks technical knowledge and infrastructure to implement storage, operating system, and database services tosupport the application deployment. The engineer also needs usage data related to the service and the ability to elastically scale the deployment as customer demands grow. Which two models must be used to meet the requirements?(Choose two.)

A. private cloud
B. platform as a service 
C. software as a service
D. infrastructure as a service 
E. public cloud

Question # 7

An engineer must integrate Cisco ACI with a VMware vSphere environment. The requirement is to use a VMware Distributed Virtual Switch and to assign the encapsulation VLAN of the EPG from the VLAN pool. Which configuration set accomplishes this goa

A. Create a VMM domain association under the EPGs Create a VLAN pool with static alocated VLANs. 
B. Create a physical domain association under the EPGs Create a VLAN pool with static alocated VLANs. 
C. Create a physical domain association under the EPGs. Create a VLAN pool with oVnarmc alocated VLANs
D. Create a VMM domain association under the EPGs Create a VLAN pool with dynamic alocated VLANs

Question # 8

Which two statements describe modifying Cisco UCS user accounts? (Choose two.) 

A. Disabling a user account maintains all of the data in the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect.  
B. The admin account is used only to log on by using SSH.  
C. The password of the user account must contain a minimum of 10 characters.  
D. Local user accounts override the same account on a remote authentication server, such as TACACS, RADIUS, or LDAP.  
E. The password of the user account expires in 30 days.  

Question # 9

An engineer needs to implement a solution that will provide telemetry of MDS 9000 switches in a SAN fabric. The solution should use Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNIM) with SAN insights feature. Which three steps are required to deploy the solution? (Choose Three.) 

A. Select a target Fabric to be monitored.  
B. Activate ENTERPRISE_PKG license on target switches  
C. Select the target ports to be monitored for telemetry data  
D. Configure name resolution between the devices  
E. Select a target VSAN to be monitored.  
F. Activate SAN_ANALYTICS_PKG license on target switches  

Question # 10

Which statement is true about upgrading the firmware on a Cisco MDS storage switch with dual supervisors? 

A. The standby supervisor must be offline before the firmware upgrade begins
B. Both supervisors load the new firmware and then the active supervisor reboots.
C. Supervisors can be upgraded independently to test the new firmware. 
D. The new firmware is load on the standby supervisor first. 

Question # 11

Which two configuration settings are available in the Cisco UCS Firmware Auto Sync Server policy? (Choose two.)

A. Immediate Action  
B. User Acknowledge  
C. No Action  
D. Delayed Action  
E. User Notification  

Question # 12

Which NFS version uses the TCP protocol and needs only one IP port to run the service? 

A. NFSv1  
B. NFSv2  
C. NFSv3  
D. NFSv4  

Question # 13

A network administrator must create a Linux container on a Cisco Nexus Series Switch. The container requires 10 percent of the CPU of the switch and 1024 MB of RAM to run successfully. Which task provides the necessary resources? 

A. Edit the container properties with the guestshell run command.  
B. Increase the compute resources with the guestshell resize command.  
C. Enable the Bash shell of the switch with the feature bash command  
D. Modify resource allocation with the virtual-service resize command.  

Question # 14

A Cisco UCS user called “Employee1” accidentally changed the boot policy of the Cisco UCS server at the Cisco UCS Manager root level. This change impacted all service profiles, and their storage connectivity was lost. The system administrator wants to prevent this issue from recurring in the future. The new security policy mandates that access must be restricted up to the organization level and prevent other users from modifying root policies. Which action must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. Modify the privilege level assigned to the user  
B. Assign users to a specific Cisco UCS locale  
C. Assign the user "Employee1" the network-operator role
D. Define a custom user role and assign it to users 

Question # 15

A server engineer wants to control power usage on a Cisco UCS C-Series rack server down to the component level.Which two components support specific power limits? (Choose two.) 

A. storage controller  
B. network controller  
C. processor  
D. graphic card  
E. memory  

Question # 16

Which virtualization feature is provided by network-attached storage? 

A. ALUA path redirection  
B. hypervisor host boot LUN  
C. VM cluster shared disk  
D. raw device passthrough  

Question # 17

An engineer must connect a Cisco UCS appliance port directly to NFS and iSCSI storage devices. Which action should be taken to achieve this goal?

A. Configure NFS and iSCSI to use the same VLAN tag on the appliance port  
B. Configure the appliance ports m access mode and apply VLAN tagging on the storage  
C. Configure the appliance ports in trunk mode and apply VLAN tagging on the storage  
D. Configure VLAN tagging on the storage and the Cisco UCS simultaneously.  

Question # 18

Which feature must be enabled to support the use of JSON and XML encoding when a Cisco Nexus 7000 series switch is deployed?

C. Open Agent Container 
D. Bash shell