Cisco 350-901 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-901 Exam Dumps

Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR)

Total Questions : 263
Update Date : February 22, 2024
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350-901 Exam Dumps

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Cisco 350-901 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer has issued git add file1 and file2 test.py command to add the three files for thenext commit, but then decides to executed test.py from this command. Which commandneeds to be used to exclude test.py from this commit but keep the rest of the files?

A. git clean — test.py
B. git reset - test py
C. git checkout - file1 file2
D. git stash -- file1 file 2

Question # 2

What is a well-defined concept for GDPR compliance?

A. Records that are relevant to an existing contract agreement can be retained as long asthe contract is in effect.
B. Data controllers must confirm to data subjects as to whether where, and why personaldata is being processed.
C. Personal data that was collected before the compliance standards were set do not needto be protected.
D. Compliance standards apply to organizations that have a physical presence in Europe.

Question # 3

Which function does Fluentd fulfill for application logging in Kubernetes? 

A. logging agent for distribution
B. backend time series database storage 
C. monitoring and log visualization 
D. messaging queueig infrastructure

Question # 4

Which two countermeasures help reduce the risk of playback attacks? (Choose two.)

A. Store data in a NoSQL database.
B. Implement message authentication (HMAC).
C. Enable end-to-end encryption.
D. Remove stack traces from errors.
E. Use short-lived access tokens.

Question # 5

An enterprise refactors its monolithic application into a modem cloud-native application thatis based on microservices. A key requirement of the application design is to ensure that theIT team is aware of performance issues or bottlenecks in the new application Which twoapproaches must be part of the design considerations'' (Choose two.)

A. Periodically scale up the resources of the host machines when the application starts toexperience high loads
B. Instrument the application code to gather telemetry data from logs, metrics or tracing
C. Adopt a service-oriented architecture to handle communication between the servicesthat make up the application
D. Deploy infrastructure monitoring agents into the operating system of the host machines
E. Implement infrastructure monitoring to ensure that pipeline components interoperatesmoothly and reliably

Question # 6

What are two building blocks of the 12-factor app? (Choose two.)

A. Stateful Processes
B. Easy access to underlying systems
C. Dev and Prod must be different 
D. One codebase
E. Isolated Dependencies

Question # 7

Refer to the exhibit Pipenv is used to manage dependencies The test funs successfully ona local environment. What is the reason for the error when running the test on a CI'CDpipeline? 

A. The piple in the local environment was not pushed to the remote repository 
B. All the unit tests in testsum py failed
C. Pytest did not detect any functions that start with test_'.
D. Nose2 was not used as the test runner

Question # 8

What are two steps in the OAuth2 protocol flow? (Choose two.) 

A. The user is authenticated by the authorization server and granted an access token.
B. The user’s original credentials are validated by the resource server and authorization isgranted.
C. The user indirectly requests authorization through the authorization server.
D. The user requests an access token by authentication and authorization grantpresentation.
E. The user requests the protected resource from the resource server using the originalcredentials.

Question # 9

When end-to-end encryption is implemented, which area is most vulnerable to exploitation? 

A. cryptographic key exchange
B. endpoint security
C. cryptographic key generation
D. security of data in transit

Question # 10

What is the function of dependency management? 

A. separating code into modules that execute independently  
B. utilizing a single programming language/framework for each code project  
C. automating the identification and resolution of code dependencies  
D. managing and enforcing unique software version names or numbers  

Question # 11

A developer is building an application to access a website. When running the application, an HTTP 403 error code has been received. How should the application be modified to handle this code?

A. Create a loop on cancel the operation and run a new one after the code is received.  
B. Use exponential backoff when retrying distributed services and other remote endpoints.  
C. Build a try/except around the urlopen to find errors occurring in the request.  
D. Redirect the request to an internal web server and make a new request from the internal resource