CompTIA CAS-004 Exam Dumps

CompTIA CAS-004 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Exam

Total Questions : 284
Update Date : September 18, 2023
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CAS-004 Exam Dumps

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CompTIA CAS-004 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A security analyst sees that a hacker has discovered some keys and they are being made available on a public website. The security analyst is then able to successfully decrypt the data using the keys from the website. Which of the following should the security analyst recommend to protect the affected data?

A. Key rotation
B. Key revocation
C. Key escrow
D. Zeroization
E. Cryptographic obfuscation

Question # 2

A company's finance department acquired a new payment system that exports data to an unencrypted file on the system. The company implemented controls on the file so only appropriate personnel are allowed access. Which of the following risk techniques did the department use in this situation?

A. Accept
B. Avoid
C. Transfer
D. Mitigate

Question # 3

An enterprise is undergoing an audit to review change management activities when promoting code to production. The audit reveals the following:• Some developers can directly publish code to the production environment.• Static code reviews are performed adequately.• Vulnerability scanning occurs on a regularly scheduled basis per policy.Which of the following should be noted as a recommendation within the audit report?

A. Implement short maintenance windows.
B. Perform periodic account reviews.
C. Implement job rotation.
D. Improve separation of duties.

Question # 4

A municipal department receives telemetry data from a third-party provider The server collecting telemetry sits in the municipal departments screened network and accepts connections from the third party over HTTPS. The daemon has a code execution vulnerability from a lack of input sanitization of out-of-bound messages, and therefore, the cybersecurity engineers would like to Implement nsk mitigations. Which of the following actions, if combined, would BEST prevent exploitation of this vulnerability? (Select TWO). 

A. Implementing a TLS inspection proxy on-path to enable monitoring and policy enforcement 
B. Creating a Linux namespace on the telemetry server and adding to it the servicing HTTP daemon
C. Installing and configuring filesystem integrity monitoring service on the telemetry server
D. Implementing an EDR and alert on Identified privilege escalation attempts to the SIEM
E. Subscribing to a UTM service that enforces privacy controls between the internal network and the screened subnet
F. Using the published data schema to monitor and block off nominal telemetry messages

Question # 5

A network architect is designing a new SD-WAN architecture to connect all local sites to a central hub site. The hub is then responsible for redirecting traffic to public cloud and datacenter applications. The SD-WAN routers are managed through a SaaS, and the same security policy is applied to staff whether working in the office or at a remote location. The main requirements are the following:1. The network supports core applications that have 99.99% uptime.2. Configuration updates to the SD-WAN routers can only be initiated from the management service.3. Documents downloaded from websites must be scanned for malware.Which of the following solutions should the network architect implement to meet the requirements? 

A. Reverse proxy, stateful firewalls, and VPNs at the local sites
B. IDSs, WAFs, and forward proxy IDS
C. DoS protection at the hub site, mutual certificate authentication, and cloud proxy
D. IPSs at the hub, Layer 4 firewalls, and DLP

Question # 6

A company processes data subject to NDAs with partners that define the processing and storage constraints for the covered data. The agreements currently do not permit moving the covered data to the cloud, and the company would like to renegotiate the terms of the agreements.Which of the following would MOST likely help the company gain consensus to move the data to the cloud?

A. Designing data protection schemes to mitigate the risk of loss due to multitenancy
B. Implementing redundant stores and services across diverse CSPs for high availability
C. Emulating OS and hardware architectures to blur operations from CSP view
D. Purchasing managed FIM services to alert on detected modifications to covered data 

Question # 7

A technician is reviewing the logs and notices a large number of files were transferred to remote sites over the course of three months. This activity then stopped. The files were transferred via TLS-protected HTTP sessions from systems that do not send traffic to those sites.The technician will define this threat as:

A. a decrypting RSA using obsolete and weakened encryption attack.
B. a zero-day attack.
C. an advanced persistent threat.
D. an on-path attack.

Question # 8

Which of the following is the MOST important security objective when applying cryptography to control messages that tell an ICS how much electrical power to output?

A. Importing the availability of messages
B. Ensuring non-repudiation of messages
C. Enforcing protocol conformance for messages
D. Assuring the integrity of messages

Question # 9

A company has decided to purchase a license for software that is used to operate a mission-critical process. The third-party developer is new to the industry but is delivering what the company needs at this time. Which of the following BEST describes the reason why utilizing a source code escrow will reduce the operational risk to the company if the third party stops supporting the application? 

A. The company will have access to the latest version to continue development.
B. The company will be able to force the third-party developer to continue support.
C. The company will be able to manage the third-party developer’s development process.
D. The company will be paid by the third-party developer to hire a new development team.

Question # 10

The Chief information Officer (CIO) of a large bank, which uses multiple third-party organizations to deliver a service, is concerned about the handling and security of customer data by the parties. Which of the following should be implemented to BEST manage the risk?

A. Establish a review committee that assesses the importance of suppliers and ranks them according to contract renewals. At the time of contract renewal, incorporate designs and operational controls into the contracts and a right-to-audit clause. Regularly assess the supplier’s post-contract renewal with a dedicated risk management team. 
B. Establish a team using members from first line risk, the business unit, and vendor management to assess only design security controls of all suppliers. Store findings from the reviews in a database for all other business units and risk teams to reference. 
C. Establish an audit program that regularly reviews all suppliers regardless of the data they access, how they access the data, and the type of data, Review all design and operational controls based on best practice standard and report the finding back to upper management. 
D. Establish a governance program that rates suppliers based on their access to data, the type of data, and how they access the data Assign key controls that are reviewed and managed based on the supplier’s rating. Report finding units that rely on the suppliers and the various risk teams. 

Question # 11

A company based in the United States holds insurance details of EU citizens. Which of the following must be adhered to when processing EU citizens' personal, private, and confidential data?

A. The principle of lawful, fair, and transparent processing 
B. The right to be forgotten principle of personal data erasure requests
C. The non-repudiation and deniability principle
D. The principle of encryption, obfuscation, and data masking

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