CompTIA N10-007 Exam Dumps

CompTIA N10-007 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

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Update Date : October 02, 2023
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N10-007 Exam Dumps

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CompTIA N10-007 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A small team is overloaded with requests for database resources. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is concerned the company does not have the resources to deploy and manage these additional services efficiently. Which of the following types of cloud services would be the MOST effective?

A. PaaS
B. IaaS
C. BaaS
D. SaaS

Question # 2

A network technician has purchased a 10GBase-T switch and wishes to connect it to 30 computers with 10GB network cards. The computers are 225ft (69m) away, and all need to establish a 10 Gbps connection to meet business requirements. To minimize costs while still meeting these requirements, which of the following cable types should the technician choose?

A. Cat 5e
B. Cat 6
C. Cat 6a
D. Cat 7

Question # 3

A network technician has finished configuring a new DHCP for a network. To ensure proper functionality,which of the following ports should be allowed on the server’s local firewall? (Select TWO).

A. 20
B. 21
C. 53
D. 67
E. 68
F. 389

Question # 4

Which of the following technologies is used when multiple Ethernet adapters work to increase speed and fault tolerance?

A. Clustering
B. Load balancing
C. Redundant circuits
D. NIC teaming

Question # 5

A customer wants to set up a guest wireless network for visitors. The customer prefers to not have a password on the network. Which of the following should a technician set up to force guests to provide information before using the network?

A. Single sign-on
D. Captive portal

Question # 6

A network technician receives reports indicating some users are unable to gain access to any network resources. During troubleshooting, the technician discovers the workstations have an IP address of 169.254.x.x. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. Expired IP address
B. Exhausted dynamic scope
C. Misconfigured VLSM
D. Rogue DHCP server

Question # 7

Which of the following protocols are used to configure an email client to receive email? (Select TWO).


Question # 8

A network administrator is installing a campus network of two routers, 24 switches, 76 APs, and 492 VoIP phone sets. Which of the following additional devices should the administrator install to help manage this network?

B. Content filter
C. RADIUS server
D. Wireless controller

Question # 9

A small company is requesting a quote to refresh its wireless network. The company currently runs 60 autonomous APs and has plans to increase wireless density by 50% in the near future. The requirements state that the chosen solution should significantly decrease the management overhead of the current wireless network.Which of the following should the vendors recommend in response to the quote request?

A. The use of lightweight APs with a load balancer
B. The use of autonomous APs with a wireless controller
C. The use of autonomous APs with a load balancer
D. The use of lightweight APs with a wireless controller

Question # 10

A customer has submitted a request for a new wireless connection In the main office so visitors can reach the Internet to check their email. The customer is concerned about security and does not want visitors to be able to access the internal finance server. Which of the following BEST describes the correct configuration?

A. The LAN and WLAN should be configured In the same zone with dynamic DENY ALL rules.
B. The LAN and WLAN should be configured in the DMZ so traffic is denied automatically.
C. The LAN and WLAN should be marked as trusted during work hours and untrusted during off hours.
D. The LAN and WLAN should be configured In separate zones with a firewall in between.

Question # 11

A technician discovered a company computer had a virus but was unable to remove it. The technician decided to erase the hard drive to eliminate the threat .Which of the following policies did the technician violate'?

A. Data loss prevention
B. Incident response
C. Asset disposal
D. Acceptable use

Question # 12

Which of the following BEST describes the functionality of the root guard feature on a switch?

A. BPDUs entering the root bridge are Ignored.
B. The STP root bridge cannot be changed.
C. Broadcast storms entering from a root port are blocked.
D. Loop protection Is enabled on the root port of a switch.

Question # 13

A network administrator has deployed a secure wireless network that authenticates using Active Directory network credentials so individual users are uniquely identified when connected to the WLAN. Which of the following wireless technologies has the administrator configured?


Question # 14

A company has experienced a major security breach. Which of the following should the network administrator reference to determine the next steps?

A. Non-disclosure policy
B. Data loss prevention policy
C. Acceptable use policy
D. Incident response policy

Question # 15

An email server, which is called “Frederick,” has an IPv6 address of 2001:5689:23:ABCD:6A, but most users call it “Fred” for short. Which of the following DNS entries is needed so the alias “Fred” can also be used?


Question # 16

Before upgrading the firmware on several routers, a technician must verify the firmware file received is the same one the vendor provided. Which of the following should the technician use?

A. 3DES encryption
B. SSL certificate
C. Digital signatures
D. MD5 hash

Question # 17

Management is concerned there is excessive traffic on the network. A network technician wants to run a quick port scan to see any systems that have open ports. Which of the following tools should be used to do this? 

A. tcp dump
B. dig
C. nmap
D. netstat

Question # 18

Log files show the admin user has logged into a public-facing device on several occasions in the evening. None of the technicians admit to doing any after-hours work, and the password has been changed several times but failed to prevent the logins. Which of the following should be the NEXT step to attempt to harden the device?

A. Disable unused ports.
B. Reset the two-factor token.
C. Disable virtual ports.
D. Upgrade the firmware.

Question # 19

A vendor is installing an Ethernet network in a new hospital wing. The cabling is primarily run above the ceiling grid near air conditioning ducts and sprinkler pipes. Which of the following cable types is required for this installation'?

A. Plenum
C. Single-mode
D. Cat 7

Question # 20

When configuring a new switch in a packet-switched network, which of the following helps protect against network loops?

A. Spanning tree
B. Flood guard
C. BPDU guard
D. DHCP snooping

Question # 21

A network administrator is securing the wireless network in a multitenant building. The network uses a passphrase for authentication so it is easy to allow guests onto the wireless network, but management would like to prevent users from outside the office space from accessing the network. Which of the following security mechanisms would BEST meet this requirement? 

A. MAC filtering
C. 802.1X
D. Geofencing

Question # 22

Which of the following protocols operates at Layer 4 of the OSI model?


Question # 23

A vulnerability that would allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to originate a DoS attack was found in a DHCP client implementation of a switch. Which of the following would BEST resolve the issue? 

A. Verify the default passwords have been changed.
B. Upgrade to the latest firmware
C. Generate new SSH keys.
D. Review and modify the firewall rules.

Question # 24

A network administrator wants to ensure all traffic is inspected and abides by the AUP, and that malicious traffic is stopped. Which of the following features should be enabled on a firewall to meet this requirement?

A. Intrusion detection
B. Proxy service
C. Dynamic DNS
D. Content filtering

Question # 25

Joe, a technician, is attempting to resolve an issue with an off-site router remotely. Joe needs to reset the WAN connection settings and wants to ensure he will have access to the router at all times to monitor the changes.Which of the following solutions would BEST meet this goal?

A. Use a secure SSH connection over the WAN link.
B. Telnet into the router over the company VPN.
C. Implement a modem on the AUX port.
D. Configure a DSL router to the console port.

Question # 26

A business with a point-to-point fiber-optic connection is suddenly unable to communicate between locations. A fiber cut is suspected. Which of the following tools should the network technician use to determine the exact location of the cut?

A. Reflectometer
B. Cable tester
C. Loopback tester
D. Spectrum analyzers

Question # 27

A user claims to have no Internet access but can access local resources. A technician determines the issue is with a configuration because a ping to a working public website shows a response that starts with:Ping request could not find hostWhich of the following is the MOST likely misconfiguration?

A. Incorrect netmask
D. SSL certificate

Question # 28

Which of the following is BEST for providing real-time equipment theft alerts to the security staff?

A. Biometric locks
B. Smart card reader
C. Asset tracking tags
D. Motion detection