CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Dumps

CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Security+ Exam 2023

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Update Date : April 13, 2024
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SY0-601 Exam Dumps

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CompTIA SY0-601 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following environments typically hosts the current version configurations and code, compares user-story responses and workflow, and uses a modified version of actual data for testing? 

A. Development 
B. Staging 
C. Production 
D. Test 

Question # 2

A company Is planning to install a guest wireless network so visitors will be able to access the Internet. The stakeholders want the network to be easy to connect to so time is not wasted during meetings. The WAPs are configured so that power levels and antennas cover only the conference rooms where visitors will attend meetings. Which of the following would BEST protect the company's Internal wireless network against visitors accessing company resources?

A. Configure the guest wireless network to be on a separate VLAN from the company's internal wireless network 
B. Change the password for the guest wireless network every month. 
C. Decrease the power levels of the access points for the guest wireless network. 
D. Enable WPA2 using 802.1X for logging on to the guest wireless network. 

Question # 3

A network administrator needs to determine Ihe sequence of a server farm's logs. Which of the following should Ihe administrator consider? (Select TWO). 

A. Chain of custody 
B. Tags
 C. Reports 
D. Time stamps 
E. Hash values 
F. Time offset 

Question # 4

Which of the following BEST describes a technique that compensates researchers for finding vulnerabilities? 

A. Penetration testing 
B. Code review 
C. Wardriving 
D. Bug bounty

Question # 5

The help desk has received calls from users in multiple locations who are unable to access core network services The network team has identified and turned off the network switches using remote commands. Which of the following actions should the network team take NEXT? 

A. Disconnect all external network connections from the firewall
 B. Send response teams to the network switch locations to perform updates 
C. Turn on all the network switches by using the centralized management software 
D. Initiate the organization's incident response plan. 

Question # 6

An application owner reports suspicious activity on an internal financial application from various internal users within the past 14 days. A security analyst notices the following: •Financial transactions were occurring during irregular time frames and outside of business hours by unauthorized users. •Internal users in question were changing their passwords frequently during that time period. •A jump box that several domain administrator users use to connect to remote devices was recently compromised. •The authentication method used in the environment is NTLM. Which of the following types of attacks is MOST likely being used to gain unauthorized access? 

A. Pass-the-hash 
B. Brute-force 
C. Directory traversal 
D. Replay 

Question # 7

A security engineer is hardening existing solutions to reduce application vulnerabilities. Which of the following solutions should the engineer implement FIRST? (Select TWO) 

A. Auto-update 
B. HTTP headers 
C. Secure cookies 
D. Third-party updates 
E. Full disk encryption 
F. Sandboxing 
G. Hardware encryption 

Question # 8

Which of the following controls would provide the BEST protection against tailgating? 

A. Access control vestibule 
B. Closed-circuit television
 C. Proximity card reader 
D. Faraday cage 

Question # 9

An employee received multiple messages on a mobile device. The messages instructing the employee to pair the device to an unknown device. Which of the following BEST describes What a malicious person might be doing to cause this issue to occur?

 A. Jamming 
B. Bluesnarfing 
C. Evil twin 
D. Rogue access point 

Question # 10

A company is concerned about individuals driving a car into the building to gain access. Which of the following security controls would work BEST to prevent this from happening? 

A. Bollard 
B. Camera 
C. Alarms 
D. Signage 
E. Access control vestibule 

Question # 11

An organization is concerned about hackers potentially entering a facility and plugging in a remotely accessible Kali Linux box. Which of the following should be the first lines of defense against such an attack? (Select TWO) 

A. MAC filtering 
B. Zero trust segmentation 
C. Network access control 
D. Access control vestibules 
E. Guards
F. Bollards 

Question # 12

Which of the following should customers who are involved with Ul developer agreements be concerned with when considering the use of these products on highly sensitive projects? 

A. Weak configurations 
B. Integration activities 
C. Unsecure user accounts 
D. Outsourced code development 

Question # 13

Hackers recently attacked a company's network and obtained several unfavorable pictures from the Chief Executive Officer's workstation. The hackers are threatening to send the images to the press if a ransom is not paid. Which of the following is impacted the MOST?

 A. Identify theft 
B. Data loss 
C. Data exfiltration 
D. Reputation 

Question # 14

Which of the following is a physical security control that ensures only the authorized user is present when gaining access to a secured area?

A. A biometric scanner 
B. A smart card reader 
C. APKItoken 
D. A PIN pad 

Question # 15

Which of the following provides a catalog of security and privacy controls related to the United States federal information systems? 

C. ISO 27000
 D. NIST 800-53 

Question # 16

A Chief Information Officer is concerned about employees using company-issued laptops to steal data when accessing network shares. Which of the following should the company implement? 


Question # 17

A new security engineer has started hardening systems. One of the hardening techniques the engineer is using involves disabling remote logins to the NAS. Users are now reporting the inability to use SCP to transfer files to the NAS, even through the data is still viewable from the user’s PCs. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. TFTP was disabled on the local hosts 
B. SSH was turned off instead of modifying the configuration file 
C. Remote login was disabled in the networkd.config instead of using the sshd.conf 
D. Network services are no longer running on the NAS 

Question # 18

Certain users are reporting their accounts are being used to send unauthorized emails and conduct suspicious activities. After further investigation, a security analyst notices the following: • All users share workstations throughout the day. • Endpoint protection was disabled on several workstations throughout the network. • Travel times on logins from the affected users are impossible. • Sensitive data is being uploaded to external sites. • All user account passwords were forced to be reset and the issue continued. Which of the following attacks is being used to compromise the user accounts?

A. Brute-force 
B. Keylogger 
C. Dictionary 
D. Rainbow 

Question # 19

Which of the following Is the BEST reason to maintain a functional and effective asset management policy that aids in ensuring the security of an organization? 

A. To provide data to quantify risk based on the organization's systems 
B. To keep all software and hardware fully patched for known vulnerabilities 
C. To only allow approved, organization-owned devices onto the business network 
D. To standardize by selecting one laptop model for all users in the organization

Question # 20

Per company security policy, IT staff members are required to have separate credentials to perform administrative functions using just-in-time permissions. Which of the following solutions is the company Implementing? 

A. Privileged access management 
D. Attribute-based access control 

Question # 21

The Chief Information Security Officer wants to pilot a new adaptive, user-based authentication method. The concept Includes granting logical access based on physical location and proximity. Which of the following Is the BEST solution for the pilot? 

A. Geofencing 
B. Self-sovereign identification 
C. PKl certificates 

Question # 22

An information security manager for an organization is completing a PCI DSS selfassessment for the first time. which of the is following MOST likely reason for this type of assessment? 

A. An international expansion project is currently underway. 
B. Outside consultants utilize this tool to measure security maturity. 
C. The organization is expecting to process credit card information. 
D. A government regulator has requested this audit to be completed 

Question # 23

A security administrator is seeking a solution to prevent unauthorized access to the internal network. Which of the following security solutions should the administrator choose? 

A. MAC filtering 
B. Anti-malware 
C. Translation gateway 

Question # 24

A network engineer and a security engineer are discussing ways to monitor network operations. Which of the following is the BEST method? 

A. Disable Telnet and force SSH. 
B. Establish a continuous ping. 
C. Utilize an agentless monitor 
D. Enable SNMPv3 With passwords. 

Question # 25

A security analyst is using OSINT to gather information to verity whether company data is available publicly. Which of the following is the BEST application for the analyst to use? 

A. theHarvester B Cuckoo 
B. Nmap 
C. Nessus 

Question # 26

A new plug-and-play storage device was installed on a PC in the corporate environment. Which of the following safeguards will BEST help to protect the PC from malicious files on the storage device? 

A. Change the default settings on the PC. 
B. Define the PC firewall rules to limit access. 
C. Encrypt the disk on the storage device. 
D. Plug the storage device in to the UPS 

Question # 27

During an investigation, the incident response team discovers that multiple administrator accounts were suspected of being compromised. The host audit logs indicate a repeated brute-force attack on a single administrator account followed by suspicious logins from unfamiliar geographic locations. Which of the following data sources would be BEST to use to assess the accounts impacted by this attack? 

A. User behavior analytics 
B. Dump files 
C. Bandwidth monitors 
D. Protocol analyzer output 

Question # 28

An organization discovered a disgruntled employee exfiltrated a large amount of PII data by uploading files Which of the following controls should the organization consider to mitigate this risk? 

 B. Firewall 

Question # 29

A security administrator wants to implement a program that tests a user's ability to recognize attacks over the organization's email system Which of the following would be BEST suited for this task?

 A. Social media analysis 
B. Annual information security training 
C. Gamification 
D. Phishing campaign 

Question # 30

Which of the following identifies the point in time when an organization will recover data in the event of an outage?

 A. ALE 

Question # 31

A company recently experienced a major breach. An investigation concludes that customer credit card data was stolen and exfiltrated through a dedicated business partner connection to a vendor, who is not held to the same security contral standards. Which of the following is the MOST likely source of the breach? 

A. Side channel 
B. Supply chain 
C. Cryptographic downgrade 
D. Malware 

Question # 32

An organization is moving away from the use of client-side and server-side certificates for EAR The company would like for the new EAP solution to have the ability to detect rogue access points. Which of the following would accomplish these requirements? 


Question # 33

A systems analyst determines the source of a high number of connections to a web server that were initiated by ten different IP addresses that belong to a network block in a specific country. Which of the following techniques will the systems analyst MOST likely implement to address this issue? 

A. Content filter 
C. Firewall rules 

Question # 34

A dynamic application vulnerability scan identified code injection could be performed using a web form. Which of the following will be BEST remediation to prevent this vulnerability? 

A. Implement input validations 
B. Deploy MFA 
C. Utilize a WAF
 D. Configure HIPS

Question # 35

A security researcher is using an adversary's infrastructure and TTPs and creating a named group to track those targeted Which of the following is the researcher MOST likely using?

 A. The Cyber Kill Chain 
B. The incident response process 
C. The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis 

Question # 36

A security analyst has been tasked with creating a new WiFi network for the company. The requirements received by the analyst are as follows: •Must be able to differentiate between users connected to WiFi •The encryption keys need to change routinely without interrupting the users or forcing reauthentication •Must be able to integrate with RADIUS •Must not have any open SSIDs Which of the following options BEST accommodates these requirements? 

A. WPA2-Enterprise 
C. 802.11n 

Question # 37

A security engineer is reviewing the logs from a SAML application that is configured to use MFA, during this review the engineer notices a high volume of successful logins that did not require MFA from users who were traveling internationally. The application, which can be accessed without a VPB, has a policy that allows time-based tokens to be generated. Users who changed locations should be required to reauthenticate but have been Which of the following statements BEST explains the issue?

A. OpenID is mandatory to make the MFA requirements work 
B. An incorrect browser has been detected by the SAML application
C. The access device has a trusted certificate installed that is overwriting the session token 
D. The user’s IP address is changing between logins, bur the application is not invalidating the token 

Question # 38

As part of annual audit requirements, the security team performed a review of exceptions to the company policy that allows specific users the ability to use USB storage devices on their laptops The review yielded the following results. • The exception process and policy have been correctly followed by the majority of users • A small number of users did not create tickets for the requests but were granted access • All access had been approved by supervisors. • Valid requests for the access sporadically occurred across multiple departments. • Access, in most cases, had not been removed when it was no longer needed Which of the following should the company do to ensure that appropriate access is not disrupted but unneeded access is removed in a reasonable time frame?

A. Create an automated, monthly attestation process that removes access if an employee's supervisor denies the approval
 B. Remove access for all employees and only allow new access to be granted if the employee's supervisor approves the request 
C. Perform a quarterly audit of all user accounts that have been granted access and verify the exceptions with the management team 
D. Implement a ticketing system that tracks each request and generates reports listing which employees actively use USB storage devices