Huawei H13-311_V3.0 Exam Dumps

Huawei H13-311_V3.0 Exam Dumps


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H13-311_V3.0 Exam Dumps

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Huawei H13-311_V3.0 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What does not belong to supervised learning?

A. Logistic regression 
B. Support vector machine 
C. Decision tree 
D. Princi1pal component analysis 

Question # 2

In the classic convolutional neural network model,Softmax What hidden layer does thefunction follow?

A. Convolutional layer 
B. Pooling layer 
C. Fully connected layer 
D. All of the above 

Question # 3

The model composed of machine learning algorithms cannot represent the true datadistribution function on a theoretical level. Just approach it.


Question # 4

Which of the following about the dictionary in Python is correct? (Multiple Choice)

A. Each key and its corresponding value need to be separated by ": 
B. Separate the different key-value with 
C. The entire dictionary is included in the 
D. The keys of the d1cl1onary are unique and the data type 1s uniform 

Question # 5

Grid search is a method of parameter adjustment.


Question # 6

It is known that the total parameter of a certain layer of the fully connected neural networkis 330,The number of neurons in the previous layer and this layer May be?

A. 32 with 10 
B. 10 with 33 
C. 33 with 10 
D. 9 with 33 

Question # 7

What is the English abbreviation for AI?

A. Automatic Intelligence 
B. Artifical Intelligence 
C. Automatic Information 
D. Artifical Information 

Question # 8

There are many types of neural networks in deep learning. The following neural networkinformation is one-way propagation:

B. Convolutional Neural Network 
C. Recurrent neural network 

Question # 9

Which of the following is not an artificial intelligence school?

A. Symbolism 
B. StatJst1caltsm 
C. Behaviorism 
D. Connectionism 

Question # 10

X, Y are random variables, C is a constant, the nature of the difference in the followingoptions which is wrong? (Multiple choice)

A. D(C)=O 
B. D(X+ Y)=D(X)+D(Y) 
C. D(CX)=C'C'D()() 
D. D(XY)=D(X)D{Y) 

Question # 11

In order for a machine to be intelligent, it must be knowledgeable. Therefore, there is aresearch field in artificial intelligence. which mainly studies how computers automaticallyacquire knowledgeand skills to achieve self-impr011emenL What is the branch of this research called?

A. Expert system 
B. Machine learning 
C. Neural Network 
D. Natural language processing 

Question # 12

Recurrent neural network is different from convolutional neural network, it is better atsolving the following problems?

A. Sequence related issues 
B. Image classification
C. Image detection 
D. Recommended question 

Question # 13

TensorFlow The data type used is?

A. Scalar 
B. Vector 
C. Tensor 
D. Matrix 

Question # 14

According to the development process of the robot, it is usually divided into threegenerations, respectively are: (Multiple Choice)

A. Teaching Reproduction Robot 
B. Robot with sensation 
C. Robots that will think 
D. Intelligent robot 

Question # 15

Which of the following does not belong to long-term memory LSTM (long Short·TermMemory) network architecture?

A. Memory door 
B. Forget the door 
C. Input door 
D. Output door 

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