Isaca CISA Exam Dumps

Isaca CISA Exam Dumps

Certified Information Systems Auditor

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Update Date : November 27, 2023
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Isaca CISA Sample Questions

Question # 1

An IS auditor is reviewing the change management process in a large IT service organization. Which of the following observations would be the GREATEST concern?  

A. Emergency software releases are not fully documented after implementation
B. User acceptance testing (UAT) can be waived in case of emergency software releases
C. Code is migrated manually into production during emergency software releases
D. A senior developer has permanent access to promote code for emergency software releases

Question # 2

Code changes are compiled and placed in a change folder by the developer. An implementation learn migrates changes to production from the change folder. Which of the following BEST indicates separation of duties is in place during the migration process? 

A. A second individual performs code review before the change is released to production.
B. The implementation team does not have access to change the source code.
C. The implementation team does not have experience writing code.
D. The developer approves changes prior to moving them to the change folder.

Question # 3

Which of the following should be an IS auditor's GREATEST concern when reviewing an outsourcing arrangement with a third-party cloud service provider to host personally identifiable data? 

A. The data is not adequately segregated on the host platform.
B. Fees are charged based on the volume of data stored by the host.
C. The outsourcing contract does not contain a right-to-audit clause.
D. The organization's servers are not compatible with the third party's infrastructure

Question # 4

To ensure the integrity of a recovered database, which of the following would be MOST useful?

A. Database defragmentation tools
B. Application transaction logs
C. A copy of the data dictionary
D. Before-and-after transaction images

Question # 5

An IS auditor will be testing accounts payable controls by performing data analytics on the entire population of transactions. Which of the following is MOST important for the auditor to confirm when sourcing the population data?

A. There is no privacy information in the data.
B. The data is taken directly from the system.
C. The data can be obtained in a timely manner.
D. The data analysis tools have been recently updated.

Question # 6

An IS auditor assessing the controls within a newly implemented call center would FIRST 

A. test the technical infrastructure at the call center.
B. review the manual and automated controls in the call center.
C. gather information from the customers regarding response times and quality of service.
D. evaluate the operational risk associated with the call center.

Question # 7

Which of the following is the GREATEST threat to Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) related to privacy? 

A. Call recording
B. Incorrect routing
C. Eavesdropping
D. Denial of service (DoS)

Question # 8

Which of the following is the MOST effective sampling method for an IS auditor to use for identifying fraud and circumvention of regulations? 

A. Discovery sampling
B. Stop-or-go sampling
C. Statistical sampling
D. Variable sampling

Question # 9

A review of IT interface controls finds an organization does not have a process to identify and correct records that do not get transferred to the receiving system. Which of the following is......... 

A. Implement software to perform automatic reconciliations of data between systems
B. Automate the transfer of data between systems as much as feasible.
C. Enable automatic encryption, decryption and electronic signing of data files
D. Have coders perform manual reconciliation of data between systems

Question # 10

Which of the following should MOST concern an IS auditor reviewing an intrusion detection system (IDS)?

A. Number of false negatives
B. Legitimate traffic blocked by the system
C. Number of false positives
D. Reliability of IDS logs

Question # 11

When using a wireless device, which of the following BEST ensures confidential access to email via web mail?

A. Wired equivalent privacy (WEP)
B. Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS)
C. Simple object access protocol (SOAP)
D. Extensible markup language (XML)

Question # 12

A company is using a software developer for a project. At which of the following points should the software quality assurance (QA) plan be developed? 

A. Prior to acceptance testing
B. During the feasibility phase
C. As part of software definition
D. As part of the design phase

Question # 13

Which of the following controls will BEST ensure that the board of directors receives sufficient information about IT?

A. The CIO reports on performance and corrective actions in a timely manner.
B. Board members are knowledgeable about IT and the CIO is consulted on IT issues.
C. The CIO regularly sends IT trend reports to the board.
D. Regular meetings occur between the board the CIO and a technology committee

Question # 14

What is the MOST critical finding when reviewing an organization's information security management?

A. No periodic assessments to identify threats and vulnerabilities  
B. No dedicated security officer  
C. No employee awareness training and education program
D. No official charter for the information security management system

Question # 15

A security company and service provider have merged and the CEO has requested one comprehensive set of security policies be developed for the newly formed company. The IS auditor s BEST recommendation would be to:

A. implement the service provider's policies
B. implement the security company s policies,
C. adopt an industry standard security policy
D. conduct a policy gap assessment

Question # 16

Which of the following is a detective control that can be used to uncover unauthorized access to information systems?

A. Requiring long and complex passwords for system access
B. Implementing a security information and event management (SIEM) system
C. Requiring internal audit to perform periodic reviews of system access logs
D. Protecting access to the data center with multif actor authentication

Question # 17

Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure payment transaction data is restricted to the appropriate users?

A. Implementing two-factor authentication
B. Using a single menu for sensitive application transactions
C. Implementing role-based access at the application level
D. Restricting access to transactions using network security software

Question # 18

The MOST important reason why an IT risk assessment should be updated on a regular basis is to: 

A. comply with risk management policies
B. comply with data classification changes.
C. react to changes in the IT environment.
D. utilize IT resources in a cost-effective manner.

Question # 19

Which of the following should be done FIRST to effectively define the IT audit universe for an entity with multiple business lines?

A. Identify aggregate residual IT risk for each business line.
B. Obtain a complete listing of the entity's IT processes
C. Obtain a complete listing of assets fundamental to the entity's businesses.
D. Identify key control objectives for each business line's core processes

Question # 20

Which of the following factors constitutes a strength in regard to the use of a disaster recovery planning reciprocal agreement?

A. Reciprocal agreements may not be formally established in a contract.
B. The two companies might share a need for a specialized piece of equipment
C. Changes to the hardware or software environment by one company could make the agreement ineffective or obsolete.
D. A disaster could occur that would affect both companies.

Question # 21

An IS auditor reviewing a purchase accounting system notices several duplicate payments made for the services rendered. Which of the following is the auditor's BEST recommendation for preventing duplicate payments?

A. Implement a configuration control to enable sequential numbering of invoices.
B. Request vendors to attach service acknowledgment notices to purchase orders.
C. Implement a system control that determines if there are corresponding invoices for purchase orders.
D. Perform additional supervisory reviews prior to the invoice payments.

Question # 22

Due to a global pandemic, a health organization has instructed its employees to work from home as much as possible. The employees communicate using instant messaging Which of the following is the GREATEST risk in this situation?

A. Home office setups may not be compliant with workplace health and safety requirements.
B. Employee productivity may decrease when working from home.
C. The capacity of servers may not allow all users to connect simultaneously
D. Employees may exchange patient information through less secure methods.

Question # 23

Which of the following sampling techniques is BEST to use when verifying the operating effectiveness of internal controls during an audit of transactions?  

A. Attribute sampling
B. Statistical sampling
C. Judgmental sampling
D. Stop-or-go sampling

Question # 24

Which of the following will MOST likely compromise the control provided by a digital signature created using RSA encryption? 

A. Obtaining the sender's private key
B. Reversing the hash function using the digest
C. Altering the plaintext message
D. Deciphering the receiver's public key

Question # 25

When determining which IS audits to conduct during the upcoming year, internal audit has received a request from management for multiple audits of the contract division due to fraud findings during the prior year Which of the following is the BEST basis for selecting the audits to be performed?

A. Select audits based on management's suggestion
B. Select audits based on the skill sets of the IS auditors.
C. Select audits based on collusion risk
D. Select audits based on an organizational risk assessment.

Question # 26

Which of the following is the BEST way to enforce the principle of least privilege on a server containing data with different security classifications?

A. Applying access controls determined by the data owner
B. Limiting access to the data files based on frequency of use
C. Using scripted access control lists to prevent unauthorized access to the server
D. Obtaining formal agreement by users to comply with the data classification policy

Question # 27

Which of the following would be an appropriate role of internal audit in helping to establish an organization’s privacy program? 

A. Analyzing risks posed by new regulations
B. Developing procedures to monitor the use of personal data
C. Defining roles within the organization related to privacy
D. Designing controls to protect personal data

Question # 28

An organization s audit charter PRIMARILY:

A. formally records the annual and quarterly audit plans
B. documents the audit process and reporting standards
C. describes the auditors' authority to conduct audits
D. defines the auditors' code of conduct

Question # 29

Which of the following attacks would MOST likely result in the interception and modification of traffic for mobile phones connecting to potentially insecure public Wi-Fi networks?

A. Man-in-the-middle
B. Phishing
C. Vishing
D. Brute force

Question # 30

In the risk assessment process, which of the following should be identified FIRST?

A. Impact
B. Threats
C. Assets
D. Vulnerabilities

Question # 31

Which of the following is the GREATEST concern when an organization allows personal devices to connect to its network?

A. It is difficult To enforce the security policy on personal devices
B. It is difficult to maintain employee privacy.
C. IT infrastructure costs will increase.
D. Help desk employees will require additional training to support devices.

Question # 32

Which of the following would be the MOST significant factor when choosing among several backup system alternatives with different restoration speeds?

A. Recovery point objective (RPO)
B. Mean time between failures (MTBFs)
C. Maximum tolerable outages (MTOs)
D. Recovery time objective (RTO)

Question # 33

Which of the following is the PRIMARY purpose of quality assurance (QA) within an IS audit department?

A. To ensure conclusions are reliable and no false assurance is given  
A. To ensure conclusions are reliable and no false assurance is given  
C. To enforce audit policies and identify any deviations
D. To confirm audit practice is aligned with industry standards and benchmarks

Question # 34

When aligning IT projects with organizational objectives, it is MOST important to ensure that the: 

A. percentage of growth in project intake is reviewed.
B. overall success rate of projects is high.
C. business cases have been clearly defined for all projects.
D. project portfolio database is updated when new systems are acquired.

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