PMI PMP Exam Dumps

PMI PMP Exam Dumps

Project Management Professional (2023 Version)

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PMI PMP Sample Questions

Question # 1

A project team is completing a design, while another team in a different country is performing implementation. How should the project manager communicate the design to the implementation team? 

A. Send a detailed email with the completed design document. 
B. Conduct a workshop with all of the stakeholders. 
C. Conduct a workshop with both of the teams. 
D. Upload the design documents into the project repository. 

Question # 2

A few developers have identified a list of impediments at the daily standup and are asking for the project lead's assistance in prioritizing them. There are a few complex backlog items, and a new junior tester has identified a few compliance defects. The product owner and a couple of developers will be leaving the project team, and the contract with the test and production support partner will not be renewed. Which issue should the project lead focus on first? 

A. Developing a new contract for production support. 
B. Finding a new product owner to prioritize the product backlog. 
C. Regulatory compliance issues discussed in the meeting. 
D. Recruiting, onboarding, and training new developers.

Question # 3

An organization is initiating a project that will be using new technology. The complexity of the project requires excellent technical skills. After reviewing the proposed project management plan, the project sponsor asks for options to reduce the labor cost without introducing risk to the project delivery. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Review the risk register and assign functional managers as resources. 
B. Analyze the resource pool and assign internal resources who participated in past projects. 
C. Perform an analysis of the key cost drivers and present alternatives. 
D. Review the work breakdown structure (WBS) to ensure there are adequate resources. 

Question # 4

A major public-transportation construction project is aimed at significantly reducing emissions. The project has been severely delayed due to noncompliance with environmental codes and bylaws. What should the project manager have done to prevent this? 

A. Incorporated sufficient schedule reserves based on similar delays in past projects. 
B. Appointed a senior environmental compliance officer to report directly to the project manager. 
C. Mapped environmental compliance requirements, identified risks to achieving them, and prepared mitigations. 
D. Approached the regulator for a partial waiver in light of the environmental importance of the project. 

Question # 5

A project manager is assigned to a regulatory project for their country. The deadline for delivering results in compliance with the new laws is very tight, and the project team members have not yet been assigned. One of the project manager's peers informs the project manager that a project with the same scope for a different country was completed 1 year ago. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Register a new risk in the risk management plan. 
B. Ask for additional resources and review the project estimate. 
C. Review organizational process assets (OPAs) and perform analogous estimating. 
D. Complete a bottom-up estimation for the project activities. 

Question # 6

The project team is experiencing schedule delays due to issues arising with suppliers. Some of the tasks are on the critical path. What should the project manager do in this situation?

A. Escalate the supplier-related issues to the sponsor for resolution. 
B. Review the work breakdown structure (WBS) with the suppliers. 
C. Review the critical path with the stakeholders to define next steps. 
D. Discuss the critical path issues with the purchasing department. 

Question # 7

Project progress meetings occur via virtual conference calls. In every project progress meeting, one team member continuously interrupts others during discussions. Other team members often have no opportunity to talk or complete their explanations. What should the project manager do? 

A. Speak individually with the team members who do not participate in conversations.
 B. Manage time efficiently using the agenda and ask each participant to contribute. 
C. Speak individually with the team member who always disrupts the conversations. 
D. Start the meeting with a review of the ground rules, meeting objectives, and the agenda.

Question # 8

Project progress meetings occur via virtual conference calls. In every project progress meeting, one team member continuously interrupts others during discussions. Other team members often have no opportunity to talk or complete their explanations. What should the project manager do? 

A. Speak individually with the team members who do not participate in conversations.
 B. Manage time efficiently using the agenda and ask each participant to contribute. 
C. Speak individually with the team member who always disrupts the conversations. 
D. Start the meeting with a review of the ground rules, meeting objectives, and the agenda.

Question # 9

An updated schedule for work delivered by a subcontractor is a condition for a milestone payment. The subcontractor completed the work but does not have a schedule, claiming that work was already agreed upon with the client. What should the project manager do? 

A. Negotiate a contract change with the subcontractor. 
B. Meet with the client to discuss the issue with the subcontractor.
 C. Inform the subcontractor that they must send the schedule. 
D. Tell the subcontractor to submit a draft schedule. 

Question # 10

An organization embarking on a significant transformation initiated a project to improve and document business processes. One of the objectives of the project is to implement agile project delivery. What is the main reason for adopting agile?

A. Projects will be completed faster, saving time and money. 
B. Projects will deliver early and use value based on priority. 
C. Projects will be delivered with very low risk to the organization. 
D. Projects will be delivered with significant cost savings.

Question # 11

An agile project has a broad set of product features intended for different user profiles and usages. It is difficult to define common acceptance criteria that can apply to all the features. How can the project manager ensure that the appropriate acceptance criteria are applied to the features? 

A. Define the acceptance criteria and specific functional test cases only after analyzing the user feedback from testing the early feature release. 
B. Integrate the acceptance criteria review into the definition of ready (DoR) for each feature and associated tests into the feature's definition of done (DoD). 
C. Use the broadest set of acceptance criteria to ensure that all features have a common quality baseline and associated functional test cases.
 D. Integrate the specific tests into the definition of ready (DoR) for each feature and the acceptance criteria into the feature's definition of done (DoD). 

Question # 12

An organization is transitioning to agile delivery, and a new team has been assembled. A project is not going well because the variation of the team velocity is very high and every sprint delivers less than committed. A new project lead with a strong technical background has been assigned to the project. What should the project lead do? 

A. Ask that estimations be provided only by senior developers. 
B. Allocate more time for estimation in the sprint planning. 
C. Review and update the estimations in the daily standup. 
D. Recommend a different estimation method in the retrospective. 

Question # 13

An urgent meeting has been established with the project team to discuss the cause of some quality issues that are preventing delivery to the client. The product owner recommends a root cause analysis (RCA). What should the project lead do?

 A. Facilitate the meeting so anyone can share their ideas and is heard during the session. 
B. Allow the team to self-organize so one of the resources can lead the team to achieve consensus. 
C. Discuss the product owner's recommendations with the team and implement the agreed-on solutions.
 D. Discuss the recommendations with the test manager and request better quality control. 

Question # 14

A project manager was recently assigned to rescue a high-priority project for an Olympic facility. The project is behind schedule, with a heavy contractual penalty. The former project manager had numerous conflicts with the project team members and a few stakeholders. What should the project manager do first? 

A. Review the project schedule and ask for the contingency reserve to crash the project. 
B. Meet the project team and stakeholders to identify the root cause of the issue and develop a solution. 
C. Review the lessons learned register with the former project manager in a private meeting. 
D. Meet the project team to assert authority and reassign the project tasks for a timely delivery.

Question # 15

A construction company is executing a building contract that includes firm milestones for replacing certain components of the building. During execution, the client complains that the new components do not meet the requirements. What should the project manager have done to prevent this from happening? 

A. Defined acceptance criteria in a quality checklist agreed upon before starting the build phase
B. Approved a detailed change management process before starting the build phase 
C. Provided compensation for issues due to the variance in the agreed-upon requirements
 D. Continuously communicated the changes in the work plan and the agreement to the client 

Question # 16

An agile team is developing a new content management system. Some of the team members are struggling to deliver certain features since they have never worked on this type of solution. What should the project manager do? 

A. Replace the members with new members who understand the system. 
B. Encourage the team members to make changes directly in the system.  
C. Ask the team to read through all of the available system documents. 
D. Encourage the team to hold a knowledge-sharing session in each iteration. 

Question # 17

A project manager is leading a large public project that will have a high impact on the town's citizens. How should the project manager define the different requirements? 

A. Include only the common requirements of each stakeholder group in the project goals.
 B. Include only the key requirements and keep the stakeholders informed about scope decisions. 
C. Analyze the interests and influence of stakeholders and evaluate their requirements.
 D. Add only the opinions of the team, because they know the objectives of the project. 

Question # 18

An agile team is required to address a technical, complex requirement that has no visual deliverable to show the customer. What guidance should the product manager provide to improve the requirement development?

 A. Discuss this with the team and reprioritize the backlog to deliver maximum value by including a portion of the complex work. 
B. Reprioritize the product backlog by lowering the priority of the complex activity, so it will be worked on later in the project.
 C. Allow the team to focus and complete the complex work because it will reduce the risk of finding issues later in the project. 
D. Inform the customer that there will not be any deliverable due to the complexity involved in the requirement. 

Question # 19

A project manager is leading a project that needs to be deployed quickly to the market. An influential stakeholder does not believe that the project management processes bring business value. What can the project manager do to gain the support of the stakeholder? 

A. Ask the stakeholder for a meeting to review the project's charter and project management plan.
 B. Disregard the stakeholder's concerns and continue following the project management plan to execute the project.
 C. Hold a training workshop to educate the stakeholder about project management best practices. 
D. Clarify the project roles and responsibilities, and share the purpose to gain the stakeholder's buy-in. 

Question # 20

A project team is planning the next sprint review. The project lead receives an email from a senior manager asking for a project status using a template that is more detailed than the one used for monthly reports sent to the project management office (PMO). The team uses an electronic product backlog and a kanban board to track the progress. What should the project manager do next? 

A. Modify the PMO template to include the information. 
B. Contact the senior manager and discuss their needs. 
C. Give the senior manager access to the product backlog. 
D. Organize a review of the kanban board with the manager. 

Question # 21

A team has developed and tested new software to control airplanes during flights. There are several regulatory requirements that must be met. What should the project manager do to meet these requirements? 

A. Determine potential threats regarding compliance with the regulations. 
B. Ask human resources (HR) to assign a compliance specialist to the team. 
C. Validate that the software is compliant with standards and regulations. 
D. Measure the extent to which the project complies with the regulations. 

Question # 22

A project manager discovers that the project team is spending a large amount of time delivering several reporting formats for the same project updates to multiple stakeholders. What should the project manager do to reduce the time spent on these activities? 

A. Segment the types of communications to be delivered to different stakeholders.
 B. Update the communications management plan to remove less influential stakeholders. 
C. Hold biweekly status meetings to deliver information to all stakeholders at once. 
D. Delegate all of the stakeholder communications activities to a project team member. 

Question # 23

A project manager is managing the transition to operations. The project sponsor wants to ensure that good support is provided to the end users. What should the project manager do? 

A. Ensure that the user guide is detailed and has clear instructions. 
B. Ensure that comprehensive documentation is handed over. 
C. Ask the project team to provide operational support for 1 year. 
D. Ensure that knowledge is transferred to the operations team. 

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