PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

PRINCE2-Foundation written Exam

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Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

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PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statement about the quality review technique is FALSE?

A. It enables a check to be made on a product's fitness for purpose
B. It defines the quality responsibilities of the project team 
C. It supports the management of future changes by providing a baseline for a product
D. It is used to gain wider acceptance of a product by involving key interested parties

Question # 2

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. A member of the Project Board is responsible for [ ? ] assurance.

A. quality
B. supplier
C. risk
D. product

Question # 3

Identify the missing words in the following sentence. A risk budget is a sum of money included in the [ ? ] and set aside to fund specific management responses to a project's threats and opportunities

A. change budget
B. project budget
C. project's cost tolerance
D. project's risk tolerance 

Question # 4

Which is the base product against which the Project Board can assess progress, issues and ongoing viability questions?

A. Project Brief 
B. Project Initiation Documentation
C. Project mandate
D. Benefits Review Plan 

Question # 5

Which is part of quality control?

A. Undertake quality reviews
B. Write Product Descriptions
C. Provide assurance that the project is being conducted properly
D. Document the customer's quality expectations 

Question # 6

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The guiding obligations and good practices that determine whether the project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2 form the [ ? ] of the method.

A. Principles
B. Themes
C. Processes
D. Techniques 

Question # 7

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The risk response type [ ? ] can be used to respond to a threat and an opportunity

A. Avoid
B. Reduce
C. Share
D. Transfer 

Question # 8

What product would enable the Project Manager to review how a Work Package is performing against its cost tolerance?

A. Configuration Item Record
B. Quality Register
C. Highlight Report
D. Checkpoint Report 

Question # 9

Which should be funded by a change budget?

A. Increase in agreed scope
B. Increase in agreed scope
C. Increase in agreed scope
D. Handover activities 

Question # 10

Which should be provided by corporate or program management before the Starting up a Project process commences?

A. A Project Brief
B. Sufficient information to identify the prospective Executive
C. The Project Initiation Documentation
D. Authority to initiate a project

Question # 11

Whose approval is needed to replace a Stage Plan with an Exception Plan?

A. Corporate or programme management
B. Project Board
C. Project Manager
D. Team Manager

Question # 12

What is an off-specification?

A. A new requirement
B. A quality tolerance
C. A type of issue
D. A major risk 

Question # 13

Which aspect of project performance must be managed to ensure the project's products are fit for purpose?

A. Benefits
B. Quality
C. Risk
D. Scope

Question # 14

Which is NOT one of the PRINCE2 integrated elements?

A. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment
B. The processes
C. The products
D. The themes 

Question # 15

Which is the Issue Register NOT used for?

A. Capture external events that are impacting a stage
B. Record information about a deviation in stage tolerance
C. Capture any threats or opportunities that might have an impact on a stage
D. Record any problems identified when authorizing a Work Package

Question # 16

Which is a purpose of the Risk Register?

A. Describe the risk management techniques and standards to be applied to the project
B. Act as a central record of information relating to the identified risks for the project
C. Act as a repository for informal issues
D. List the responsibilities for achieving an effective risk management procedure 

Question # 17

Which is NOT considered when defining risk tolerance?

A. A Project Board's attitude towards risk-taking
B. The allocated risk budget
C. An organization's risk appetite
D. The amount of risk a Project Board considers acceptable