PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

PRINCE2-Foundation written Exam

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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Prince2-Foundation Exam Dumps

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PRINCE2 Prince2-Foundation Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which is a task of product-based planning?

A. Identify activities and dependencies
B. Write the Project Product Description
C. Prepare the Work Packages
D. Produce Product Status Accounts

Question # 2

Who should act as the communication channel between a project and corporate or programme management?

A. Project Board
B. Project Assurance
C. Project Manager
D. Project Support 

Question # 3

Which is a purpose of the Starting up a Project process?

A. Provide information so a decision can be made asto whether a project is viable and worthwhile to initiate
B. Define the means of communication between the project and corporate or programme management
C. Define the project controls 
D. Record any identified risks in the Risk Register 

Question # 4

Identify the missing words in the following sentence. A project is [ ? ] organization that is created for the purpose of delivering business products.

A. a corporate
B. a temporary
C. an external
D. a technical 

Question # 5

Which is a true statement about PRINCE2 event-driven controls

A. Event-driven controls take place at predefined periodic intervals
B. Event-driven controls are produced at the frequency defined in a Work Package
C. Event-driven controls are used for decision making
D. Checkpoint Reports are event-driven controls

Question # 6

Which is an objective of the Closing a Project process?

A. Prepare the plan for the next stage
B. Assess any benefits that have already been realized 
C. Produce a Benefits Review Plan to identify what benefits are expected
D. Check that all benefits are realized before closing a project

Question # 7

Which step in the issue and change control procedure considers alternative options for responding to an issue that is being managed formally?

A. Capture
B. Examine
C. Propose
D. Decide 

Question # 8

Which is a FALSE statement about technical stages?

A. Can overlap with other technical stages
B. Typified by the use a particular set of specialist skills
C. Include the Managing a Stage Boundary process activities
D. Can span more than one management stage 

Question # 9

Why is it crucial that the Project Product Description clearly defines acceptance methods?

A. Enables Project Assurance to authorize quality activities
B. Defines how all project products will be reviewed and approved
C. Defines how it will be proven that the completed project product meets the customer's expectations
D. Provides confirmation that all project products have met their quality criteria

Question # 10

Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence. The Quality theme provides a set of rules and procedures which ensure that the [ ? ] created meet(s) the needs of the business.

A. controls
B. products
C. project management team
D. stages 

Question # 11

Which is a purpose of an End Project Report?

A. Identify individuals or groups that need to be told that the project is coming to an end
B. Review how well the project performed against the Project Initiation Documentation used to authorize it
C. Identify individuals or groups that are responsible for measuring the expected benefits after the project has closed
D. Ensure that key project information is archived and made secure

Question # 12

Which process ensures that key roles and responsibilities are allocated before a decision is made to initiate a project?

A. Managing Product Delivery
B. Initiating a Project
C. Managing a Stage Boundary
D. Starting up a Project 

Question # 13

Which is a typical core activity within configuration management?

A. Quality assurance
B. Risk management
C. Verification and audit
D. Progress reporting

Question # 14

Which is an objective of the Directing a Project process?

A. Create and authorize the project mandate
B. Provide management control and direction
C. Control the day-to-day running of the project
D. Provide accurate progress information to the Project Manager