PRINCE2 Prince2-Practitioner Exam Dumps

PRINCE2 Prince2-Practitioner Exam Dumps

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam

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Prince2-Practitioner Exam Dumps

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PRINCE2 Prince2-Practitioner Sample Questions

Question # 1

The project is using PRINCE2's recommended risk management procedure. In the 'identify' step, a risk wasrecorded in the risk register: ''If the 'accredited classroom-based course' is delayed, there is a threat that workon the 'e-learning course' will be delayed, resulting in the 'accredited e-learning course' not being ready for the'pilot courses'.''In the 'implement' step, a risk response was decided: ''Work will start incrementally on the 'e-learning course'whenever a part of the 'classroom-based training materials' gains accreditation''.Is this appropriate, and why?

A. Yes, because delivering incrementally will reduce the impact of the threat.
B. Yes, because a risk response needs to be implemented for this major threat.
C. No, because risks responses should be identified as part of the 'plan' step.
D. No, because a risk action should be allocated to implement a response.

Question # 2

During stage 3, the project scope was extended to include a practice test for learners to take during the trainingcourse. The cost of this test will be included in the cost of the course.The change to project scope was approved and the cost of £2,500 was paid for from the change budget. Theproject manager documented an increase of £2,500 in the project budget in the business case.Is this an appropriate action, and why?

A. Yes, because the justification for the project should be recalculated based on the revised project budget.
B. Yes, because the project manager determines which costs need to be updated at the end of each stage
C. No, because the use of the change budget means that the project budget does not need to be increased.
D. No, because changes to operational costs post-project should have been included in the business case.

Question # 3

The project is approaching the end of stage 4 and all work will be completed as planned. The project manageris now preparing a plan for acceptance and the handover of the 'capability to provide health and safetytraining'.Is this appropriate, and why?

A. Yes, because a plan should be created to measure the number of courses carried out after project closure.
B. Yes, because a separate closure stage plan should be created during stage 4.
C. No, because closure activities should have been planned at the end of stage 3.
D. No, because user acceptance of the project's products should have taken place throughout the project.

Question # 4

At the end of stage 2, an external consultant responsible for developing the 'e-learning course', was appointedto the project board as a senior supplier. The stage 3 plan identifies the consultant as a reviewer of the'e-learning course'. When preparing for a quality review of the 'e-learning course', the consultant found 15possible errors. The consultant then documented these possible errors in the quality register.Is this an appropriate activity when preparing for a quality review, and why?

A. Yes, because each team manager should update the quality register as quality review activities are completed.
B. Yes, because the quality reviewers should update the quality register as quality review activities are completed.
C. No, because possible errors that are found when preparing for a quality review should be documented on a question list.
D. No, because the senior supplier should not be identified as a reviewer as part of the quality review technique.

Question # 5

A change authority has been appointed for the project. During the development of the 'classroom-basedtraining material', a large number of changes were proposed to the design of the 'e-learning course'. Therefore,the change authority has decided to use the Moscow technique to prioritize changes based on the impact theywill have on completing each stage on time.Is this an appropriate application of the Moscow technique, and why?

A. Yes, because it should be used to prioritize change based on the estimated impact on time.
B. Yes, because it is a prioritization technique that should be used to prioritize a product's quality criteria.
C. No, because it should define scope tolerances, supporting the management by exception principle.
D. No, because it should be used to prioritize change based on the project's business justification.

Question # 6

MANAGING A STAGE BOUNDARYThe project is approaching the end of stage 3 and the pilot courses have been planned. The project manager isnow undertaking the 'managing a stage boundary' process.Which action should the project manager undertake as part of the 'update the business case' activity?

A. Identify the dependencies between the activities required to run the 'delivered pilot courses' during stage4.
B. Revise the overall plan and resources to complete the project, based on actuals from the stage 3 plan.
C. Review the performance of the external suppliers who worked on delivery of the 'e-learning course' during stage 3.
D. Re-plan when the number of learners using the pilot course, and their increased knowledge, will be measured during stage 4.

Question # 7

After preparing the stage 3 plan, the project manager left the company. The project board has decided that, asthe stage plan has been agreed, it will not appoint a project manager for stage 3. The team managers will reportdirectly to the project board and will prepare highlight reports instead of checkpoint reports.Is this an appropriate tailoring of the roles in the 'managing a stage boundary' process?

A. Yes, because work may be delegated to those with the necessary skills, such as a team manager.
B. Yes, because the team managers should have the information required to prepare highlight reports.
C. No, because the reporting in the 'controlling a stage' process should not be changed.
D. No, because the team managers should not share the responsibilities of the project manager.

Question # 8

During the 'create the project plan' activity as part of the initiation stage, the project manager identifies severalthreats to the project timescales. These threats relate to stage 3 products. Therefore, the project managerdecides to wait until the end of stage 2 to assess the risks to the project plan.Is this an appropriate application of the plans theme, and why?

A. Yes, because detailed planning of stage 3 should take place after completion of the stage 2 products.
B. Yes, because risk planning should take place in the stage plan before the risks occur, not in the project plan.
C. No, because the risks inherent in the project plan should be assessed, and the plan modified to manage them.
D. No, because the risk actions to manage project-level threats should be recorded in the risk register.

Question # 9

During the 'starting up a project' process, the project manager discusses the standard model for coursedevelopment with the executive. The project manager then assesses how the Health and Safety TrainingProject will be delivered, including what products should be delivered in each stage.Is this an appropriate way to carry out the ‘plan the initiation stage' activity, and why?

A. Yes, because the work of the initiation stage needs to be planned and approved, in the same way as other project work.
B. Yes, because the management controls for the initiation stage need to be defined and approved by the project board.
C. No, because subsequent stages are planned in the initiation stage as part of creating the project plan.
D. No, because the senior supplier is responsible for assessing the viability of the project approach.

Question # 10

The change control approach defines how products should be controlled and protected during the project. Theaccreditation of the 'classroom-based training materials' was planned to take place during stage 2. At the end ofthe stage, the configuration item record shows that the 'classroom-based training materials' have beenaccredited. However, the project manager decides to request an audit of the product as well.Is this appropriate, and why?

A. Yes, because the project should verify that the recorded status reflects the actual status of the products.
B. Yes, because the change control approach should specify how the configuration item records are approved.
C. No, because the project manager should ensure that the change control approach is tailored to the project.
D. No, because the issue management and change control procedures can be treated as separate, but related, procedures.

Question # 11

During stage 3, the team manager reports that the work to update the 'corporate quality procedures' has beencompleted and the product is ready to be delivered.What should project assurance do next?

A. Update the team plan to show that the work package is complete.
B. Check the work package and follow the procedure to deliver completed products.
C. Verify that all the products to be delivered by the work package are approved.
D. Update the stage plan to show the work package as completed.