Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Administrator (SU23)

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Update Date : October 02, 2023
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ADM-201 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce ADM-201 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator at Northern Trail Outfitters is creating a validation rule. Which two functions should the administrator use when creating a validation rule? Choose 2 answers 

A. Formula return type 
B. Error condition formula 
C. Error message location 
D. Rule active date 

Question # 2

The Marketing team at Cloud Kicks uses campaigns to generate product interest. They want custom picklist values for the campaign member Status field for each campaign they run, currently, they ask the administrator to add or delete values, but this is very time consuming. Which two user permission should allow the Marketing team to customize the campaign member status picklist values themselves? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create and Edit for Campaign Member 
B. Marketing user feature license 
C. Customize Application permission 
D. Edit permission for campaigns 

Question # 3

Ursa Major Solar wants its sales reps to be aware when they are speaking with high-profile customers. Which two options should be added to the Lightning record pages to achieve this? Choose 2 answers 

A. Custom Component 
B. Highlight Panel 
C. Action and Recommendations 
D. Component Visibility Filter 
E. Rich Text Area 

Question # 4

The standard Lead Rating field has picklist values of Hot, Warm, and Cold. A list of new leads was importance without errors even though several records had the value of Unrated in the Rating field. How were these records added without error?

 A. The Restricted picklist checkbox was unchecked. 
B. Field-level security was set to Visible for all profiles. 
C. A global picklist value set was used to populate the picklist. 
D. The Add to All Record Types checkbox was selected. 

Question # 5

The administrator at AW Consulting has created a custom picklist field. Business users have requested that it be a text field. The administrator attempts to change the field type but, is unable to because it is referenced by other functionalities. Which functionality is preventing the field type from being changed? 

A. Formula fields 
B. Record types
 C. Visualforce 
D. Javascript

Question # 6

Support reps at Cloud Kicks (CK) are reporting that when they try to close a case, the Closed option in the Case Status picklist is missing. CK has asked the administrator to find a solution. Why are the support reps unable to see the Closed option in the specified piclist? 

A. The Case record type is missing Closed as a picklist value. 
B. The Close Case page layout must be used to close a case. 
C. The Show Closed Statuses m Case Status Field checkbox is set to the default. 
D. The Support Process being used omits Closed as a status choice. 

Question # 7

An administrator is planning to use Data Loader to mass import new records to a custom object from a new API. What will the administrator need to do to use the Data Loader? 

A. Add a permission set that allows them to import data. 
B. Append their security token at the end of their password to login. 
C. Use the Data Import Tool to mass import custom object records. 
D. Reset their password and their security token. 

Question # 8

Ursa Major Solar has a path on Case. The company wants to require its users to follow the status values as they are on the path. Agents should be prohibited from reverting the Case back to a previous status. Which feature should an administrator use to fulfill this request? 

A. Predefined Field Values 
B. Global Value Picklists 
C. Dependent Picklists 
D. Validation Rules 

Question # 9

Which setting on a profile makes a tab hidden in the All App Launcher or viable in arty app, but still allows a user to view records that would normally be found under this tab? 

A. Object Permissions 
B. App Permissions 
C. Pig wide Defaults 
D. Tab Settings

Question # 10

The administrator for AW Computing is working with a user who is having trouble togging in to Salesforce. What should the administrator do to identify why the user Is unable to log in? 

A. Review the login history for the user.
 B. Check the attempted logins by running the setup audit trail. 
C. Pull the password history to ensure the password policy was followed. 
D. Reset the security token for the profile.