Salesforce ADM-211 Exam Dumps

Salesforce ADM-211 Exam Dumps

Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin

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Update Date : February 12, 2024
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ADM-211 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce ADM-211 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Criteria - Based sharing rules cannot be created for which Object? 

A. Accounts
 B. Opportunities
 C. Cases 
D. Solutions 
E. Contacts
 F. Custom objects

Question # 2

How can you measure adoptions beyond just logins? Choose 3 answer. 

A. Decrease Login Session Timeouts 
B. Track how often users are using new features after training sessions, 
C. Run spot checks on Data 
D. Track training sessions in SFDC 

Question # 3

Which are not a capability of a delegated administrator? 

A. Create/ edit users and reset passwords 
B. Create custom fields
 C. Create default sales teams 
D. Create personal groups for users 
E. Create Custom Objects 
F. Assign users to specified profiles 
G. Login as a use r who has granted login access

Question # 4

Which of the following are true for Territory Management? 

A. The ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model. 
B. A territory is a collection of accounts and users where the users have at least read access to the accounts 
C. Territory is collection of accounts and contacts. 
D. There can be only one forecast one user which is independent from territory. 
E. Territory Hierarchy is same as Role Hierarchy. 

Question # 5

What are some ways to back up your data? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Data Loader (Export feature) 
B. Full data export or weekly data export 
C. Store your data locally 
D. Run Reports 

Question # 6

What is the sequence of Workflow action? 

A. Don't remember wrong options 
B. Field Update. Task, Email, Outbound Message 

Question # 7

Suri has the "read" permission for the case object on her profile. A criteria-based sharing rule gives her read/write access to product support cases. Will Suri be able to edit. 

A. Yes 
B. No 

Question # 8

When would you use a web app or web controls?

 A. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by SControls 
B. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by Visual Force 
C. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by custom formula fields 
D. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by custom summary fields 

Question # 9

What happens when an administrator create a custom tab for a custom object? {Select all that apply) 

A. The custom object has a home page. 
B. Users can search for records of the customer object. 
C. New records of the custom object can only be accessed from the related list on the parent record. 
D. A custom app containing the custom tab is automatically created. 
E. New records of the custom object can be created from the sidebar.

Question # 10

How many characters a formula field can support (including spaces, return characters, and comments)?

 A. 200 
B. 300 
C. 1900 
D. 3900D. 

Question # 11

What triggers the Big Deal alert? Select all that apply: Choose 2 

A. Opportunity Amount 
B. Closing Date 
C. Sales process stage 
D. Probability Threshold

Question # 12

Tom's account page layout makes the Rating field required, but his field-level security settings make the field read-only. Will Tom be able to edit the Rating field?

 A. Yes 
B. No

Question # 13

What is possible using Content? Choose 3 

A. Publish content to com pany's website 
B. Track Recipient activity 
C. Share content using link with outside your company 
D. Share content inside your organization 

Question # 14

Which deployment tools allow you to manage changes in a source-code control system? (Select all that apply) 

A. Change sets 
B. Force.com IDE 
C. Force.com Migration Tool 

Question # 15

What is true about Idea Comments?

 A. They are used to vote for new functionality 
B. They are used for points 
C. Admin can get emails based on Comments 

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