Salesforce ADM-261 Exam Dumps

Salesforce ADM-261 Exam Dumps

Service Cloud Administration (WI24)

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Update Date : March 01, 2024
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ADM-261 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce ADM-261 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What key metric should a contact center manager use to evaluate the effectiveness of anew Service Cloud implementation? (Choose 2)

A. First contact resolution rate
B. Number of total cases handled
C. Total number of solutions created by agent
D. Average number of knowledge articles published

Question # 2

SLA says agent must respond within one hour, or if marked "urgent", resolve within oneday. How can this best be achieved?

A. Use entitlements to define a process and milestones
B. Use case teams to close
C. Use escalation rules

Question # 3

The Service Manager at Universal Containers wants to improve the adoption of publicKnowledge Articles and has decided to review published articles that have NOT beenupdated in the last 90 days, so that out-of-date articles can be refreshed. Which solutionwill allow the Service Manager to see the articles that need to be reviewed?

A. Provide the Service Manager with edit permissions to the standard Knowledge Article views.
B. Provide the Service Manager with edit permissions to the standard Knowledge Article reports.
C. Create a custom report for Knowledge Articles that filters the results based on publication status and last modified date.
D. Create a custom list view for Knowledge Articles that filters the results based on publication status and last modified date.

Question # 4

For which purposeshould a contact center use Visual Flow?

A. To assign follow-up tasks to an agent one week after a case is closed.
B. To automatically assign cases to a specific queue based on the customer support level
C. To escalate to the support manager if it has beenopen for more than 72 hours
D. To automate business processes for agents who troubleshoot customer support issues via phone

Question # 5

UC is initiating a program to improve customer satisfaction. As part of the program,customers must be surveyed after the case is closed to ensure the customer is satisfiedand the issue has been resolved. What solution should a consultant recommend to meetthis requirement?

A. Use workflow rules to send an email to the customer
B. Use escalation rules to assign the case to a case queue
C. Use auto-response rules to send an email to the customer
D. Use assignment rules toassign the case to a case queue

Question # 6

Which technology will allow a client to enable ideas on a public website? There are twocorrect answers.

A. Force.com Sites
B. Customer portalPartner portal
C. Self-serviceportal
D. Partner portal
E. Force.com Web Services API

Question # 7

A case has not been closed even after 30 days, but those cases can be closed in 7 days.What should the consultant do toovercome this? choose 2 options

A. Use auto response rule to send an email
B. Use escalation rule to send an email
C. Supervisors to investigate those cases
D. Identify those cases and assign to the closure team

Question # 8

A company has theserequirements for dealing with Cases: - Handled efficiently and by the right agents- Distributing the load so that agents do NOT have to manually select the next Case to workWhich two Omni-Channel features will assist in this routing and distribution? Choose 2 answers

A. Route to agents with the most cases closed for that topic.
B. Route to agents staffing the assigned overflow queues.
C. Route to agents with the least amount of active assigned work.
D. Route to agents with the most capacity to take on new work.

Question # 9

Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative totake over case processing from Tier l and know how far Tier l had progressed introubleshooting?

A. Service Console Macros
B. Lightning Guided Engagement
C. Path for Cases
D. Lightning Flow Component

Question # 10

Universal Containers has basicfield service requirements and has not yet deployed the Service Cloud. The company would like to automatically create a field service dispatch record and assign it to a queue when specific case criteria are selected by an agent working the case.Whichsolution will create and route the field service dispatch record when the case is saved?

A. Use a workflow rule with an action
B. Use a validation rule
C. Use a case assignment rule
D. Use an Apex trigger

Question # 11

A Knowledge administrator has created an article for a promotion that starts at thebeginning of the following month. How would the administrator ensure the article isavailable on the first of the month?

A. Create a task related to the article with a reminderset for the article start date.
B. Create a workflow rule to update the article status to Published on the article start date.
C. Set the article publish date to automatically display the article on the start datE.
D. Send an email reminder to update the article status to Published on the start date.

Question # 12

Universal Containers analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) and discovers thatcustomer satisfaction is decreasing. The company attributes the decrease in customersatisfaction to a low first-call resolution rate. What can be done to improve the first callresolution rate? Choose 2 answers.

A. Reduce the cost per call
B. Train support agents
C. Align agent performance goals with KPIs
D. Hire additional support agents

Question # 13

Thecost of service for Universal Containers contact centers has steadily increased.What solution should a consultant recommend to help reduce the cost of service? (Choose 2)

A. Enable Ideas in a customer portal
B. Enable Chatter for agent collaboration
C. Create auto-response templates for incoming emails
D. Enable Live Agent to handle incoming service inquiries

Question # 14

What is a benefit of a customer community? Choose 2 answers.

A. Eliminates the need to track service level agreements
B. Reducesincoming call volume
C. Enables customers to log inquires without contacting an agent
D. Eliminates the need for support agents