Salesforce CRT-271 Exam Dumps

Salesforce CRT-271 Exam Dumps

Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants

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Update Date : December 04, 2023
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CRT-271 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce CRT-271 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers launched a Lightning Customer Community that lists store locationsthrough a custom object, Store Locations. Users searching for locations are unable to seeany Store Locations records. Which three actions should the Community Cloud consultanttakes to solve this issue?Choose 3 answersSelect one or more of the following:

A. Define the Store Locations object in the Global Search Results component
B. Add the Store Locations object pages to the Community navigation
C. Associate a tab to the Store Locations object
D. Enable read access on the user profile to the Store Locations object

Question # 2

Universal Containers adds e -commerce capability to its Community built on the Napilitemplate. They track customer shipments in a Salesforce custom object. How should theSalesforce Admin expose customer shipment data in Community Builder?

A. Create an object page associated to the Shipment object
B. Create a standard page associated to the Shipment object
C. Clone an object page and associate it to the Shipment object
D. Clone a standard page and associate it he Shipment object

Question # 3

Northern Trail Outfitters uses Salesforce internally and needs to launch a Community fortheir customers. • Northern Trail Outfitters works with a survey partner and needs to extendthat capability to the Community users. • Northern Trail Outfitters works with an electronicsignature partner and needs to extend that capability to the Community users. • ThisCommunity needs to be built with the Customer Service Template. All integrations must bemobile— first. • Both partners have Community Lightning Components available. Whatshould a Salesforce Admin do to accomplish this task?

A. Design and develop an API-level integration with the Survey and electronic signaturepartners and make it available for Community users.
B. Install and configure the non-Lightning Components for surveys and electronicsignatures available from the Partners
C. Install and configure the Community Lightning Components for surveys and electronicsignatures available from the two Partners.
D. Design and develop custom Community Lightning Components for surveys andelectronic signatures.

Question # 4

Universal Containers builds a partner community for their dealers. They set up the partneraccount with two roles to represent sales employees and their managers. After going live,the dealerships inform Universal Containers that they need a CEO type of access forspecific users who need to access all of the data on the parner account. How should theSalesforce admin fulfil this requirement?Select one or more of the following:

A. Promote the CEO partner user to delegated admin on the partner account.
B. Add a third role to the partner account hierarchy for the CEO partner user. 
C. Assign Super User access to the CEO partner user on the Contact page.
D. Make the CEO partner user the owner of the partner account.

Question # 5

You wish to edit the Community Head Markup, where do you go to do this?

A. Developer Console
B. Community Builder >> Settings >> Advanced
C. Upload a HTML static resource named 'Head Markup'
D. Community Manager >> Administration >> Settings
E. Modify the hidden Community Lightning Component which is displayed when editing thecommunity

Question # 6

When testing the Community, the Salesforce Admin notices that the Knowledge tab is NOTvisible to all partner Community users. What should the Salesforce Admin do to fix thisproblem?

A. Add the Global Header permission set to all Community users
B. Edit the Partner Community profile so that the Knowledge tab is visible
C. Update the Admin profile so that the Knowledge tab is visible
D. Create a Knowledge article and make it visible to the appropriate channel

Question # 7

Universal Containers rolled out a Community in the Customer Service Napili template fortheir employees. The CEO has the following requirements: • All employees can participatein discussions within the Community. • Create a Chatter group for corporateannouncements where all employees can participate and comment. • The posts in thisgroup should be visible in the feed of all employees. How should the Salesforce Adminaccomplish this task? Choose one answer

A. Create a Chatter group in the internal org and create a trigger to make the posts visibleto everyone
B. Create a Chatter group in the Community and include all employees
C. Create a Chatter group in the internal Salesforce org and include all employees
D. Create a post on a custom object, Announcements that all employees follow

Question # 8

A healthcare company wants to create a Community for its patients and providers. TheCommunity needs to be optimised for healthcare use cases and follow industry bestpractices. What should the Community Cloud consultant consider first to meet therequirements?Select one or more of the following:

A. Lightning community templates
B. Business value map and ROI
C. Custom solutions
D. Lightning bolt solutions

Question # 9

Universal Containers needs their channel partners to collaborate on opportunities withintheir new partner Community based on the Napili template. What is the recommended wayto accomplish this task?

A. Create a page layout for leads and assign it to those profiles that have access to theCommunity
B. Create a Detail page for invoices and add the page as a Navigation Menu item
C. Add Opportunities as a Salesforce Object in the Navigation Menu
D. Create a Visualforce page for Opportunities and add the page as a Navigation Menuitem

Question # 10

Universal Containers is rapidly expanding its partner network across Latin America andEurope and has received feedback that partner engagement has been hampered by thelack of resources in the partners native languages. Which three individual steps should aCommunity Cloud consultant take to provide a better experience for these internationalpartners? Choose 3 answersSelect one or more of the following:

A. Enable multiple languages in the Knowledge language settings
B. Set up Translation Workbench and ensure translators are assigned
C. Use the language selector component to let users select their preferred language
D. Embed a link to Google Translate all pages
E. Set up custom URLs to route users from country domains to the correct Communitypages

Question # 11

You are setting up an Authenticated Community for your Customers many of them speakboth English and French how will you ensure the most appropriate language(s) areavailable to them in your Napili Template Community?

A. Develop a custom lightning component which will allow seamless transition between languages
B. Install the Google Translation component which allows Authenticated users to swapbetween languages
C. Language will be determined by the language set on their User Profile
D. Place the Language Picker Component on the Community home page
E. Multi-Language support is not available for Napili Template communities

Question # 12

Universal Containers is setting up their moderation settings on their Community. They havedeveloped 7585 keywords to monitor. What is the minimum number of keyword listsneeded to accommodate all 7585 keywords?

A. 5
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3

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