Salesforce Data-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Data-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Data Architect (WI24)

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Update Date : March 01, 2024
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Data-Architect Exam Dumps

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Salesforce Data-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers has deployed Salesforce for case management The company is having difficulty understanding what percentage of cases are resolved from the initial call to their support organization. What first step is recommended to implement a reporting solution to measure the support reps case closure rates? 

A. Enable field history tracking on the Case object. 
B. Create a report on Case analytic snapshots. 
C. Install AppExchange packages for available reports. 
D. Create Contact and Opportunity Reports and Dashboards. 

Question # 2

Due to security requirements, Universal Containers needs to capture specific user actions, such as login, logout, file attachment download, package install, etc. What is the recommended approach for defining a solution for this requirement? 

A. Use a field audit trail to capture field changes. 
B. Use a custom object and trigger to capture changes. 
C. Use Event Monitoring to capture these changes. 
D. Use a third-party AppExchange app to capture changes. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers has successfully migrated 50 million records into five different objects multiple times in a full copy sandbox. The Integration Engineer wants to re-run the test again a month before it goes live into Production. What is the recommended approach to re-run the test? 

A. Truncate all 5 objects quickly and re-run the data migration test. 
B. Refresh the full copy sandbox and re-run the data migration test. 
C. Hard delete all 5 objects’ data and re-run the data migration test. 
D. Truncate all 5 objects and hard delete before running the migration test. 

Question # 4

UC is building a salesforce application to track contacts and their respective conferences that they have attended with the following requirements: 1.Contacts will be stored in the standard contact object. 2.Conferences will be stored in a custom conference__c object. 3.Each contact may attend multiple conferences and each conference may be related to multiple contacts. How should a data architect model the relationship between the contact and conference objects? 

A. Implement a Contact Conference junction object with master detail relationship to both contact and conference__c. 
B. Create a master detail relationship field on the Contact object.
C. Create a master detail relationship field on the Conference object. 
D. Create a lookup relationship field on contact object. 

Question # 5

For a production cutover, a large number of Account records will be loaded into Salesforce from a legacy system. The legacy system does not have enough information to determine the Ownership for these Accounts upon initial load. Which two recommended options assign Account ownership to mitigate potential performance problems? 

A. Let a “system user” own all the Account records without assigning any role to this user in Role Hierarchy. 
B. Let a “system user” own the Account records and assign this user to the lowest-level role in the Role Hierarchy. 
C. Let the VP of the Sales department, who will report directly to the senior VP, own all the Account records. 
D. Let a “system user” own all the Account records and make this user part of the highestlevel role in the Role Hierarchy. 

Question # 6

Universal Containers (UC) has 1,000 accounts and 50,000 opportunities. UC has an enterprise security requirement to export all sales data outside of Salesforce on a weekly basis. The security requirement also calls for exporting key operational data that includes events such as file downloads, logins, logouts, etc. Which two recommended approaches would address the above requirement? 

A. Use Field Audit History to capture operational data and extract it to on-premise systems. 
B. Use Weekly Export to extract transactional data to on-premise systems. 
C. Use a custom built extract job to extract operational data to on-premise systems.
D. Use Event Monitoring to extract event data to on-premise systems. 

Question # 7

Which two best practices should be followed when using SOSL for searching?

 A. Use searches against single Objects for greater speed and accuracy. 
B. Keep searches specific and avoid wildcards where possible. 
C. Use SOSL option to ignore custom indexes as search fields are pre-indexed. 
D. Use Find in “ALL FIELDS” for faster searches. 

Question # 8

NTO uses salesforce to manage relationships and track sales opportunities. It has 10 million customers and 100 million opportunities. The CEO has been complaining 10 minutes to run and sometimes failed to load, throwing a time out error. Which 3 options should help improve the dashboard performance? Choose 3 answers: 

A. Use selective queries to reduce the amount of data being returned. 
B. De-normalize the data by reducing the number of joins.
C. Remove widgets from the dashboard to reduce the number of graphics loaded. 
D. Run the dashboard for CEO and send it via email. 
E. Reduce the amount of data queried by archiving unused opportunity records. 

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements: - Data needs to be sent from Salesforce to an external system to generate invoices from their Order Management System (OMS). - A Salesforce administrator must be able to customize which fields will be sent to the external system without changing code. What are two approaches for fulfilling these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. A set to determine which fields to send in an HTTP callout. 
B. An Outbound Message to determine which fields to send to the OMS. 
C. A Field Set that determines which fields to send in an HTTP callout. 
D. Enable the field -level security permissions for the fields to send. 

Question # 10

Universal Containers (UC) has three systems: Salesforce, a cloud -based ERP system, and an on -premise Order Management System (OMS). An architect has been tasked with creating a solution that uses Salesforce as the system of record for Leads and the OMS as the system of record for Account and Contacts. UC wants Accounts and Contacts to be able to maintain their names in each system (i.e., "John Doe" in the OMS and "Johnny Doe" in Salesforce), but wants to have a consolidated data store which links referenced records across the systems. What approach should an architect suggest so the requirements are met?

A. Have Salesforce poll the OMS nightly and bring in the desired Accounts and Contacts. 
B. Implement an integration tool to send OMS Accounts and Contacts to Salesforce.
 C. Implement a Master Data Management strategy to reconcile Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. 
D. Use the Streaming API to send Account and Contact data from Salesforce to the OMS. 

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