Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect (WI24)

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Update Date : February 22, 2024
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Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Dumps

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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal containers (UC) service reps are assigned to a profile which has ''View All'' in Case object.. To make sure service reps have access to all relevant information to attend to customer requests, which Architect consider? Choose 2 answers

A. Service reps will be able to access to Contact records if they are Controlled by Parent. 
B. Service reps will be able to access to Contact records due to Implicit Sharing. 
C. Service reps will NOT able to access to Contact records because Account OWD isprivate 
D. Service reps will NOT able to access to Contact records if they are controlled by Parent. 

Question # 2

Universal Containers has developed an AppExchange managed package for their distribution partners, which required a private key to be generatedfor each partner and used by the code. Universal Containers support representatives must be able to access the private key value to debug connection issues, but it must not be possible for thepartner to access the value. How can the Architect best support this requirement? 

A. Store the value in a text field on a protected custom setting in the package. 
B. Store the value in a static variable in a class included in the managed package. 
C. Store the value in the text field on a list custom setting in the managed package. 
D. Store the value in an encrypted field on a custom object in the package. 

Question # 3

Universal Containershas a global 24x7 Salesforce.com implementation that supports Sales, Services, Order Management, and various other parts of their business. They have a nested territory hierarchy, 10,000 sales users, and 20,000 support agents. Territory changes happen daily. The demand for new applications and changes to the platform is high and they follow an agile development methodology and deliver new releases every two weeks on the platform. What Salesforce.com feature would help the system recover from a maintenance restart on Salesforce.com servers? 

A. Enable Granular Locking on the system. 
B. Enable Deferred Sharing Rule recalculation. 
C. Enable Parallel Sharing Rule recalculation. 
D. Enable Filter -Based Opportunity Territory Assignment. 

Question # 4

Universal Containers has a private sharing model on Accounts. Apex Managed Sharing is required to share certain account records with all users who are assigned to a specific Role in the Role Hierarchy. What should be the recommended way for the Architect to implement this? 

A. Create an AccountShare record associated to a public group containing the Users in the Role.
 B. Create an AccountShare record associated to each user who is assigned to the Role. 
C. Create an AccountShare record associated to the required Role. 
D. Create an AccountShare record associated to a public group containing the Role. 

Question # 5

Universal Containers has implemented a community for its customers using the Customer Community sense type. They have implemented a custom object to store service requests that has a look up to the account record. The Organization Wide Default External Access for the service request object is set to Private. Universal Containers wants their customers to be able to see service requests for their account through the community Customers should not see service requests for other accounts. What Salesforce feature can the Architect use to implement this?

A. Use manual sharing to share the service requests manually when a new community user is added. 
B. Use a Sharing Set to share service requests related to the account based on the community user's profile. 
C. Use a Sharing Rule to share service requests to the community user based on their role. 
D. Use Apex Managed Sharing to share service requests related to the account to the appropriate community users. 

Question # 6

Which three advanced tools can Salesforce enable for large-scale role hierarchy realignments in organizations with large data volumes? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Partitioning by Divisions 
B. Granular Locking 
C. Parallel Sharing Rule Recalculation 
D. Deferred Sharing Calculation 
E. Skinny Table Indexing 

Question # 7

What should the Architect do to ensure Field-Level Security is enforced on a custom Visualforce page using the Standard Lead Controller? 

A. Use the "With Sharing" keyword on the Standard Lead Controller. 
B. Nothing; Field-Level Security will automatically be enforced. 
C. Use the {!Schema.sObjectType.Lead.fields.isAccessible()} expression 
D. Use the Schema.SObject.Lead.isAccessible() method. 

Question # 8

Universal Containers has recently activated an integration that synchronizes customer information and orders into their CRM of choice: Salesforce.com. One of their largest customers, United Air, has over 12,000 unique contacts. Since theintegration was activated, sales reps are having trouble adding contacts to the United Air account. When a sales rep adds a contact, they get the following error message:UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW, This issue seems to affect the United Air account and several other large customers. The sales rep can usually save the contact by trying again later in the evening. What should the Architect recommend as a possible solution?

A. Add a role-based sharing rule so all sales team members have Read/Write access to contacts. 
B. Remove sharing rules and replace them with Apex sharing for Unite Air and the other large accounts. 
C. Implement an account hierarchy and redistribute the contacts evenly under the child accounts. 
D. Create a permission set for the sales team to grantthem Read/Write access to all account fields. 

Question # 9

Universal Containershas requirement for the Architect to develop Apex Managed Sharing code for the custom Job object. The sharing settings for the Job object are set to Private. When assigning access level for the record, which two lines of code will cause a DML exception on insert to the database? Choose 2 answers 

A. Objectname.AccessLevel='Edit' 
B. Objectname.AccessLevel='All' 
C. Objectname.AccessLevel='None' 
D. Objectname.AccessLevel='Read' 

Question # 10

A sales representative at Universal Containers needs assistance from specific product managers when selling certain deals. Product managers do not have access to opportunities they don't own, as the sharing model is Private, but need to gain access when they are assisting with a specific deal. How can an Architect accomplish the requirement? 

A. Create a sharing rule to allow the product manager to access the opportunity. 
B. Enable opportunity teams and allow users to add the product manager. 
C. Enable account team and allow users to add the product manager. 
D. Use similar opportunities to share opportunities related to the product manager.