Salesforce CRT-402 Exam Dumps

Salesforce CRT-402 Exam Dumps

Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder (WI24)

Total Questions : 234
Update Date : April 13, 2024
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CRT-402 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce CRT-402 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers is setting up salesforce for the first time. Management wants thesales and marketing teams to have different navigation names in thesalesforce1 mobileapp. Which option is available to an app builder to satisfy the requirement?

A. Create sales and marketing profiles to ensure read access to different objects
B. Create roles for sales and marketing and assign a custom homepage layout for eachrole.
C. Create mobile navigation menus for both the sales and marketing profiles.
D. Create public groups for sales and marketing and create mobile navigation menus foreach group.

Question # 2

Which type of relationship can be defined with external objects? Choose 2 Answers

A. Cross Organizational Look-up
B. External Look-Up
C. External Master-Detail
D. Indirect Look-Up

Question # 3

Which objects can be members of a campaign? Choose 2 answers

A. Contact
B. Account
C. Opportunity
D. Lead

Question # 4

An app builder has been asked to provide users a way to identify a contact's "preferredcontact method" directly on the contact record. users need to be able to identify whether aphone number or an email, is the contact's preferred communication method. Which fieldtype will allow the app builder to accomplish this with the fewest fields possible?

A. Formula
B. Checkboxes
C. Picklist
D. Email

Question # 5

In order to delete the Opportunities, Universal Containers would like sales reps to submitrequests for approval from their sales manager. What can be used to meet theserequirements?

A. Approval Process with Time-Dependent workflow action.
B. Approval Process with Apex Trigger.
C. Two-step Approval process.
D. Process Builder with Submit for Approval action

Question # 6

What salesforce functionality is ignored when processing field updates in workflow rulesand approval processes? Choose 3 answers

A. Validation Rules
B. Decimal Places and Character Limits
C. Record Type Picklist Value Assignments
D. Multiple Currencies
E. Field Level Security

Question # 7

Universal container manages internal projects by department using a custom object calledprojects. Only employees in the project's respective department should have view accessto all of the department's project records.If an employee changes job roles and moves toanother department, the employee should no longer have access to the projects within theirformer department. How can these requirements be met, assuming the organization-widedefault for projects is set to private? Choose 2 answers

A. Create a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grants access tousers by permission set.
B. Create a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grants access tousers by roles.
C. Create a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grants access tousers by public groups.
D. Create a criteria based sharing rule using the projects department that grants access tousers by profiles

Question # 8

A custom object has a public reads only sharing settings that does not grant access usinghierarchies. A dynamic sharing ruleprovides write access to the object to the globalmarketing public group if the record is marked as global. A user creates a new record andmarks it as global. Who will have write access to the record?

A. The global marketing public group and anyone abovethe owner in the role hierarchy
B. The record owner and the global marketing public group.
C. The global marketing public group, the record owner, and anyone above the owner in the role hierarchy.
D. The record owner and anyone above the owner in the rolehierarchy

Question # 9

An app builder has created a report for sales people toview records from the custom object,some users have complained that they are unable to see all of the appropriate records.What steps should be taken to ensure data visibility within the report? Choose 3 Answers

A. Check organization-wide defaults
B. Check the user’s profile for object settings.
C. Check the report folder sharing settings
D. Check reports filter
E. Check Sharing rules

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